Instrument for influencing the judicial system

Instrument for influencing the judicial system

By Robert  Nielsen

Recently, European politicians are increasingly beginning to act as an instrument for influencing the judicial system. And the most dangerous thing is that such political instruments are being actively used by representatives of the criminal world.

Recently, Interpol received an appeal from a number of deputies of the European Parliament, with a request to cancel the "red circular" against Kazakhstan's ex-banker Mukhtar Ablyazov and a number of his accomplices. A letter signed by Julia Ward (S & D; UK), Maryu Lauristin (S & D; Estonia), Tomasz Zdechowski (EPP, Czech Republic ) and Tunne Kelam (EPP, Estonia) was lobbied by the Open Dialog Foundation, financed by Ablyazov.

This foundation, created in Poland in 2009, specializes in democracy research in three countries of the post-Soviet space: Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. It is these three countries that are the most affected by the actions of Ablyazov's criminal group and are seeking his extradition to at least one of the countries.

However, the judicial bodies of several countries (not only Kazakhstan, but also Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain) managed to prove that the accusations of financial fraud, which makes against Ablyazov Astana, are true.

Back in 2012, the High Court of London declared Ablyazov guilty of causing damage to BTA Bank. Moreover, the court stated that "Ablyazov organized a series of fraudulent transactions, through which the bank's investment funds were transferred to several shell companies in the British Virgin Islands." Ablyazov is personally responsible for misappropriating investments, he is also involved in the production of documents that were drafted "Backdating" to justify the transactions, and he also acknowledged that a number of companies through which transactions were conducted were controlled by Ablyazov: Drey Associates Limited, Interfunding Faciliti Es Limited, OOO "Design-construction company" AMK-Invest ", LLC" TuranAlem Capital "and Zrl Beteiligungs AG, etc.

Five years ago, by the decision of the High Court of London, Ablyazov was sentenced to compensation for BTA Bank of $ 2.1 billion.

And this is only part of the damage. For other crimes, the High Court of London continues to conduct its own investigation. In total, the courts of the UK have established the facts of fraudulent appropriation of more than $ 4.3 billion by Ablyazov and his criminal group of financial resources. It was also proved that this money from Kazakhstan's BTA Bank was withdrawn through a transnational network of more than 1,300 offshore companies in more than 10 countries. Now the investigation in the UK continues.

But it was just a few years ago, after the decision was made, that Great Britain deprived Ablyazov of refugee status, recognizing that he was not a runaway politician, but a fraudster of international scope.

France also recognized Ablyazov as a financial scam. And even agreed to extradite Ablyazov to Russia. The decree on this was signed by the then Prime Minister of the country Manuel Wals in September 2015. However, the active work of Ablyazov's agents in France, and, judging by rumors from the Elysee Palace, the bribery of a number of politicians having influence on the adoption of the State Council by the decisions led to the fact that the deportation procedure was abolished. The wording for abolishing the extradition of Ablyazov of Russia is still the same - political persecution.

But the courts of both Russia and other countries have proved that the damage caused by Ablyazov to the financial structures of the Russian Federation exceeds several billion dollars. Only through one Moscow AMT bank Ablyazov brought out more than several billion dollars. The scheme is surprisingly simple: AMT Bank took unsecured loans from other banks, including Kazakhstan's BTA Bank and the Bank of Russia (the latter issued in 2008 ATM 800 million dollars of unsecured loan). Then this money was transferred to the American bank Morgan Chase and transit through it - in American Express. In addition, these funds Ablyazov through front companies actively bought various assets in Russia, Ukraine and Europe. The structure of the Ablyaz empire also consisted of the subsidiary banks of BTA (which Kazakhstan BTA did not control): BTA-Russia, BTA-Kazan, BTA-Ukraine, IPG Eurasia with its large-scale development projects, certain assets such as Krasnoyarsk Kraiugl or Vitino Port. We note that all these schemes have been proved by a consequence. And the results of this investigation were adopted by the courts of different countries. Including Britain and France.
As for Kazakhstan, he suffered most from Ablyazov's actions. The amount of damage caused by the Ablyazov structure of this country exceeds $ 7.5 billion.

In Kazakhstan, the main trial began in the case of a criminal oligarch and a number of his former top managers. The investigation proved that Ablyazov attracted loans to the bank from international financial institutions and the population's deposits. And almost immediately withdrew all the funds abroad in the form of loans to affiliated companies. By the way, numerous witnesses have described these schemes. And several accomplices who admitted their guilt in Former first deputy chairman of the board of BTA Bank Zh. Zharimbetov.

They also reported that most of the stolen funds were laundered abroad through the British company East Bridge Capital Limited. This company was registered in 2003 in London, had an office in Moscow. It was not directly related to the theft of money in Kazakhstan. But its leaders were trusted partners of Ablyazov. As stated in the indictment, East Bridge Capital Limited acted as an investment holding to launder all stolen assets and manage them.

The total amount of proven damage to several countries is about 12 billion dollars. These funds were pension deposits of the population, personal savings of citizens of Kazakhstan, loans from foreign financial institutions and deposit accounts of companies, loans from government agencies (in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine).

Therefore it is quite logical that a swindler of such a high level and international scale was declared an international wanted person through Interpol.

Europe continues to distrustfully look at the countries of the developing world. Believing that they lack a priori democracy and human rights. This is used by scammers who flee to the EU. Some politicians from the EU on different grounds are on the side of criminals. Calling them the democrats, they are innocent victims. However, in the countries of Europe themselves, they would never dare justify such fraudsters as Bernard Madoff, stating that his persecution is "politically motivated". Although, if you look closely, the schemes of fraud in Madoff and Ablyazov are very similar.

It is difficult to name many politicians of the European Union as fighters against corruption. There are already a lot of facts when they contribute to the departure of many corrupt officials from the countries of the developing world. Also known are the facts of propaganda of virtually zero tolerance for corruption in their own countries. Double standards are evident. Apparently they are stimulated either by inadequate perception of the role of developing countries in the modern world or by elements of a new round of "cold war" in the post-soviet area with a corruption component.

Interpol was established as an international organization that facilitates the search and capture of criminals of all countries. Each of the 190 member countries of the Interpol has the right to send a so-called. "Red circular" containing a request for the immediate arrest and extradition of a person suspected of having committed a criminal offense and located in the territory of another Member State. And to accuse Interpol that its powers are "used" means not trusting both the system of one's own justice, and the right of any country to punish criminals and protect its citizens. Especially the criminals who organized the transnational scheme of money laundering. As did Ablyazov and his accomplices.

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