Ilves in Warsaw: Democratic World Needs Strong NATO

Ilves in Warsaw: Democratic World Needs Strong NATO

“We, devoted allies in the very meaning of this word, have common interests and common concerns, as well as common actions to settle them.  The last is proved, in particular, by firm support from Poland of the prolongation of NATO mission on Baltic States Air Policing", -- said the President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves during yesterday’s and today’s meeting of the Heads of states of Estonia, Latvia and Poland held in Warsaw.

Estonia hopes, that the Alliance shall firmly and clearly confirm in Chicago: strong features of NATO remain to be the collective defense principle, deterrence policy and significance in the world, which include trainings, arranged by the Alliance in various regions (including also ours),  reports the secretariat of the President.

To the abovementioned it’s worth to add also the readiness and will to fight the dangers of the 21st century, confirmed the Head of Estonia.

“Cyber-defense and cyber-security in a broader sense – is, without doubts, the sphere which NATO should deal with in more coordinated manner, grounding on the skills of its allies and international cooperation, especially with the European Union”, - said the President Ilves.

Talking about Afghanistan, where the military men of Baltic states and Poland also in participate NATO operated missions, the Head of Estonia noted that only the authorities of Afghanistan can say for how long they will be in need of outside support to enhance security and rehabilitation of the state.

“More than 20 years ago this country was left alone, and Afghanistan turned into the castaway state, which spreads violence and chaos inside and even wider, - reminded the President Ilves. – Chicago Summit shall make all of us clear  about the NATO action plan and contribution of the Alliance into Afghanistan after 2014, when most outside forces would be withdrawn”.
The Presidents Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Bronislaw Komorowski and Andris Berzins talked in Warsaw also about European NATO neighbors, supporting the openness of the Alliance for those countries, which are ready to accede and have finalized all urgent criteria.

“I have no doubts that democratic world shall not do without strong NATO also in future.  Also the USA and Europe are in need of such NATO and tight trans-Atlantic cooperation.  But (and this is of principle meaning) despite complicated financial situation of some countries, democratic Europe can’t sacrifice the issues of modern security assurance for the sake of up-to-the-moment goals”, - underlined the President Ilves.

“This means that expenses on state security are of the same importance as financing of social system of education”. Estonia is ready to increase its aid to cover the expenses of the NATO Air Space Policing Mission, our current state budget for the first time anticipates 2% from GDP to cover defense costs, which NATO considers to be the advised level for all of its allies, but not many of them have managed to reach it.

Let’s remind that the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite refused to attend the meeting of the Heads of Baltic States and Poland held in Warsaw.
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