Igor Dodon: I promise I will be President for everyone

Igor Dodon: I promise I will be President for everyone

Socialist leader Igor Dodon, in a news conference after midnight, said he realizes the responsibility he will bear as Head of State and understands that it won’t be easy. “I promise I will be President for everyone, for those of the right, for those of the left, for those who want in the European Union and for those who want in Russia,” he stated, quoted by IPN.


Igor Dodon congratulated his challenger Maia Sandu on a very good result and a harsh, but good election campaign. He called for calm, saying hatred is not needed in society. “Dear people, those who voted for Maia Sandu, I will take into account all your wishes and will listen to everyone, but let’s calm things down. Let’s admit that the difference is rather big. I’m ready to have a meeting to discuss how to act further, but society must not be divided. The Moldovans do not need this,” he said.


The leader of the Party of Socialists addressed those from the diaspora, saying he respects their vote. He promised he will be President for them too and will take into account the problems they face.


Igor Dodon transmitted the same message in the Russian language too.











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