Hybryd Peace Instead Of War

Hybryd Peace Instead Of War

By Taras Demchuk

Since January 2016, Russia intends to introduce anti-Ukrainian trade and economic sanctions in connection with the entry into force of the Agreement on free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU. That is, free access to European markets for us still will not be (the same technical regulations) and finally lose the Russian market. Russia will impose sanctions against Ukraine, and the EU - not now, then in the summer - its sanctions against Russia to cancel. The question arises: who signed the Association Agreement with the EU, which country really is a partner of the EU - Ukraine or Russia yet?


Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Ogryzko said that two years ago began with a hybrid war, but now the situation is turning into a hybrid world. "In Europe, many people do not want to see the real situation. They are tired. They are tired. But the war is not over, she just moved into other forms. Now, at the stage of economic sabotage attacks and strokes, it is in the sights of all of Ukraine - to the borders with the EU. Some European leaders do not seem to understand that this war - a threat not only for Ukraine but also for their countries. The question boils down to the fact that they choose - a successful business or democratic values ", - he said.


Military experts believe that Ukraine should not hope for foreign helpers. He noted that the intensification of subversive requires the Ukrainian authorities to take tough measures, including the introduction of a visa regime with Russia, and in the future, if nothing changes - to the severance of diplomatic relations. All attempts to Kiev, taken under pressure from the West, not to aggravate the situation, negotiate calmly turned against Ukraine. All contacts remain with Russia after the annexation of the Crimea and the outbreak of war in the Donbass. Now some European leaders, pointing to such ties, saying that the situation in the Donbass - is not a Ukrainian-Russian war and internal conflict. Thus, questioning the appropriateness of sanctions.


Earlier this month, Secretary of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said in an interview "5 channel" that in 2016 Ukraine will introduce a visa regime: "Who is the territory of Ukraine Russian citizen can get only passport. But I am convinced that with the new year, we must introduce a real and sufficiently strict visa controls, visa regime with Russia. " He noted that the Ukrainian authorities do not take such a decision before considering the interests of thousands of citizens who have kinship and business ties in Russia.


For this reason, before the war Ukrainians and Russians opposed the visa. Before the winter 2013-1914, this idea enjoyed the support of 10-15% of the population of Ukraine and 12-25% of the population of the Russian Federation. The vast majority in both countries opposed. But in the spring of last year, the number of supporters of the visa regime has increased to 50% in Ukraine and 30% in Russia. Now social scientists say that about 80% of Ukrainians favor of introduction of visas for citizens of Russia.


Volodymyr Ohryzko noted in this regard that such a measure would restrict admission to the Ukrainian territory "undesirable elements", but did not solve the problem completely would be the formation of subversive groups. "As long as we do not control the border with Russia through the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, the only thing you can do is create the Ukrainian side of the demarcation line in the Donbass insurmountable barriers to terrorists, saboteurs and bandits. And while you need every day and every hour to explain to Europe that the uncontrolled border - this is not a formal issue, but a real and very dangerous problem. It opened the door of the war. She knocks us tomorrow may come to their European home ", - said Ogryzko.








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