Hungarian nuclear power plant financed by the Russian

Hungarian nuclear power plant financed by the Russian

Took the biggest deal between Russia and Hungary in the development of the Hungarian Atomic Energy . Russia has pledged to give 30 - year loan of 10 billion euros to build capacities only Hungarian nuclear power plant.


Hungary , with its 10 million people traditionally dependent on Russian energy resources , mainly oil and gas. And now will also depend financially since received a loan of 10 billion euros for a period of 30 years for the expansion of the nuclear power plant in Paks (Paks), which is 110 km south of the capital. It is the country's only nuclear power plant.


The transaction took place during the official visit of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Moscow. According to the agreement the Russian nuclear company Rosatom (Rosatom) in 2023 to build two units at the nuclear plant and will increase twice the production of electricity.


Russian loan will cover 80% of the construction costs , Hungary should also provide 20 %. Experts said that the Russian loan was cheaper than other options on the market, namely the construction of a Russian , and not another company , not a concern , as the Russians have in this area a great experience.


Prime Minister Orban , almost two decades ago calls for the release of the Russian- Soviet occupation , now seemingly forgot about their negative feelings toward Russia and happily reported major successes:


"Russia - our most important partner after the EU ", - he told reporters ckazal sitting next to Russian President Vladimir Putin . He added that he was pleased and contract deal.


Expansion of the nuclear power plant experts have called the largest building in post-communist Hungary. I should add that the nuclear plant is in a backward Hungarian region Tolnay (Tolnay) with high unemployment . Therefore, the Hungarian government expects the new project will create a lot of jobs. Nuclear power plant before and after construction will remain in the hands of the Hungarian state.


Deal between Russia and Hungary have yet to approve the antitrust authorities of the European Union , which Hungary joined 10 years ago. But officials who participated in the talks , said that it was just a formality , since the European Union has been informed about the transaction and did not mind.


Hungarian opposition say that the Prime Minister Orban is looking for cheap energy , as promised naceleniyu reducing costs on expensive electricity and gas. The deal with Russia may raise the prestige Orban on the eve of the upcoming elections in April- May this year.


However , no matter what the critics , in 2009 the Parliament approved the law by a majority vote to increase the capacity of the nuclear power plant at Paks (Paks), which produces the cheapest electricity is so necessary to the Hungarian population and industry.



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