Hostages of war oligarchs

Hostages of war oligarchs

By Alina Kantor

One of the largest banks in the country - "Kazkommertsbank" filed a lawsuit against the portal "Respublika" and "", accusing the editors and individual journalists in the dissemination of false information about the Bank and the damage to its business reputation. These media have published a series of articles accusing the bank, among other things, the "raider seizure" of property disgraced oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov. The latter is currently being held in prison in France awaiting extradition to Russia. He is accused of financial fraud of more than 6 billion. Dollars three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. And the journalists confirmed that "just work for the money" despite the fact that violated the law.


"Kazkommertsbank" won the case in court. The reason - none of the media, and no journalist, published "black PR", "failed to provide any clear evidence to the court. The journalists were detained. Their media mistress Petrushova court proved inaccessible. She has many years of living in Austria.


During the trial, we found out interesting facts. Customer was one of the enemies of the bank businessman Tahir Kaldybaev. This is related by the journalists, who were arrested in the case of "Kazkommertsbank". One of them was a mediator between the businessman and accused the media.


They said that the businessman-customer chose both the media as a platform for publishing critical articles. Payment for each of them was 5-10 thousand dollars.


I was not interested in the content of articles, and reliable source of information, - said one of the journalists. It was a commercial project and the customer had paid good money. Journalists also reported that the owner of the bank charges the media not only knew about it, but he himself was personally involved in editing the materials. And, later, provided them with a reprint on other sites for a fee. This information was confirmed by the customer Tahir Kaldybaev. He admitted, both in the initiation and sponsorship of a campaign against the Bank and the fact that he personally sent reporters intermediary materials. Those just performed their "literary adaptations." His choice of the portal "Respublika" and "" he explained simply: they specialize in custom publishing material without requiring confirmation of the facts. It is important to choose was the fact that the portals are supported by a number of international organizations. Some of them believe the story of the litigation between the "Kazkommertsbank" and journalists, attacks on freedom of expression.


Strange took the position and the OSCE. OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović said the recent detention of two journalists in Kazakhstan pose a direct threat to media freedom in the country.


"Incarcerating members of the media for what they say and write is simply unacceptable," Mijatović said. "These journalists must be released immediately," OSCE said in a release. That is, the degree of illegal actions she was not interested in. As well as the program coordinator of the Committee to Protect Journalists in Central Asia. It said that the government should change the laws that allow criminal harassment of journalists, are open to abuse and have a negative impact on access to information. However, none of the representatives of international organizations does not take into account, in fact, the statements of journalists. After all materials were published, evidence had not. Some asked for forgiveness from the Bank for spreading false information. They were asked to show humanity and to drop charges against journalists who were "hostages of the war of the oligarchs." The reporters also found themselves hostages of violations of the laws. They specifically stated that the journalist is obliged "not to disseminate information that is not true." And do not be to justify an illegal way of making money on populist "black PR."


Today an international scandal involving many international journalists and human rights organizations inflates the beneficial owner of both the media and the employer of the arrested journalists Petrushova. Unlike ordinary journalists its profit amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And fear of persecution Kazakh police in Austria, it is not necessary. It therefore encourages his subordinates "not to give up." And it continues on its pages in social networks accused the authorities of bias. And condemns them that detained "women journalists." Apparently, it is the last argument, as real evidence against the Bank's reputation with her there.


In August 2015 was ordered to pay damages in the amount of 20 million KZT (approx. 75,000 EUR) for an article about the bank's activities. The new legal action is based on the same article, already taken down from the site by the court order.







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