Guarantor countries of Astana process urged to enhance humanitarian aid to Syria

Guarantor countries of Astana process urged to enhance humanitarian aid to Syria


The guarantor countries of the Astana peace process in Syria (Russia, Turkey and Iran) called on the world community to enhance humanitarian assistance to Syria, Roman Vasilenko, Vice-Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, told a tallying-up briefing on the 13th round of the talks.

"The guarantor countries noted the need to enhance humanitarian assistance to all Syrians throughout Syria without setting preconditions. In order to support the improvement of the humanitarian situation in Syria and progress in the political settlement process, they called on the international community, the UN and its humanitarian agencies to step up assistance to Syria, including through the implementation of projects for early recovery, including of the basic infrastructure facilities - water and electricity, schools, hospitals, as well as humanitarian de-mining, "- Roman Vasilenko cited the joint statement of the guarantor countries.

According to the statement, the guarantor countries also broached the holding of the International conference on humanitarian assistance to Syria.

The document emphasizes the importance of promoting safe and voluntary return of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their places of residence in Syria, ensuring their right to return and the right to support. In this regard, the guarantors called on the international community to provide appropriate support and reaffirmed their willingness to continue interaction with all the interested parties, including the UNHCR and other international organizations.

The authors of the statement welcomed the participation of the delegations of Iraq and Lebanon as new observers of the Astana format and expressed their belief that the observers (Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon) will contribute to the establishment of peace and stability in Syria.

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