Good China-Kazakhstan relations promise growth in economic co-op

Good China-Kazakhstan relations promise growth in economic co-op

Recent participation of China and Kazakhstan in an international cooperation forum illustrated the intensity of development of relations between the two countries.

Importance of the forum as a unique platform for bilateral dialogue and effective consultations on topical issues of interregional cooperation is undeniable, since a number contracts on business and governmental levels were signed during it.

An important moment in the forum was the announcement of China and Kazakhstan’s intention to continue the work to connect the Silk Road Belt and Nurly Zhol projects. Bilateral work on this is expected to provide better trade conditions for the region in future.

This is another example of growing economic cooperation between the Central Asian states and China, as the latter is emerging as an increasingly influential player and investor in the region, Kenneth Katzman, a senior analyst at the Congressional Research Service.

“Kazakhstan and other Central Asian states are always seeking strategic balance with other powers,” added Katzman. “In this case it is China balancing trade influence of Moscow in the region.”

China and Kazakhstan have promoted a rapid expansion of commerce and partnership, harnessing Kazakhstan’s oil, natural gas, minerals and other major energy resources.

Bilateral cooperation between these countries is expected to develop on the Trans-Caspian trade road, which may even influence the worldwide economy, widening the access to the European markets for Asian and Central Asian countries.
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