June 16 "Gazprom", as expected, still disabled gas supplies to Ukraine. Ukraine preparing for this for a long time, and take the position does not intend to Kiev intensify negotiations with Slovakia on reversing gas supplies. However, it will not be able to fully compensate for the lack of natural gas. Who started the race will pass faster nerves.


Russia's tough stance has been demonstrated in word and deed. First, "Gazprom" completely cut off gas supplies to Ukrainian consumers, then the situation was discussed at a meeting with Prime Minister Medvedev Energy Minister Alexander Novak and head of "Gazprom" Alexei Miller. The Russian prime minister accused Kiev of blackmail and warned about the risks of unauthorized siphoning gas. Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak constantly telephone talks with European Commissioner Gunther Oettinger. However, according to him, there is currently no need for consultations due to unconstructive position of the Ukrainian side. Subject consultations disappeared. Negotiations were conducted on the application of the mechanism is not prepaid and debt repayment. Discussed repayment amount - about $ 2 billion - was less than the total debt for gas supplies.


The main risk in the current situation - this fall gas supply Europe. Ukraine in the event of deficiency will be forced to engage in unauthorized withdrawals. Relocation of Ukraine to the mode of delivery prepaid until impact on gas deliveries to southern Europe. To date, the application via Ukraine is slightly more than 185 million cubic meters. According to the head of "Gazprom" will be recorded if the gas stays on the territory of Ukraine, the supply will be increased by "Nord Stream", "Yamal-Europe". The company "Gazprom" started operational headquarters, which will meet every day. Ukraine's debt to be repaid. The head of "Gazprom" stressed that we are not talking about all the debt, and about 1.951 billion dollars.


At the same time both sides have filed lawsuits in the Stockholm arbitration: "Gazprom" - with the requirement to collect debts in the amount of 4.5 billion dollars for the previously delivered gas; "Naftogaz Ukraine" - with a demand for a fair and market gas prices. However, the proceedings will take some time, but now find themselves under attack Ukrainian and European consumers.


Chairman of the board of the National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine" Andrew Kobolev assures that the cessation of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine will not affect the ordinary consumers, because the country has its own gas production and reserves in its vaults. According to him, the near future will hold talks with European companies on the organization Reverse supply at a price much lower than that proposed by Russia. Hungary maximum capacity has been reached. Despite the crisis, the Hungarian government decided to download a certain amount of gas in storage. Now the volume of Hungary is 11-12 million a day. The remainder will be uploaded soon. The entire volume of gas that can be bought for evronapravlenii - Ukrainian Naftogaz bought and will buy.


In addition, will discuss the price of gas produced domestically. In Europe, a government delegation went. Purpose - to negotiate the organization of gas supplies from Europe to Ukraine, as well as to convey to the position of the European partners of Ukraine in the gas issue. European gas price for Ukraine could fluctuate between $ 300 per thousand cubic meters.


Prime Minister Yatsenyuk requested as soon as possible to prepare a draft law on the ability to attract investors from Europe and the United States to modernize and joint exploitation of the Ukrainian gas transportation system subject to its 100-percent owned by the state of conservation. However, this problem is not solved for decades and require billions of dollars of investment, can not be solved in a few weeks.


Now Russia and Ukraine took the most stringent position: Russia is ready to take on the risks of damaged relations with European consumers, Ukraine promises to last until October. A key role is played by Europe, whose position is largely to be the envy of the gas conflict dynamics. Russia actually imposes Brussels political function and draws in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which Europe does not want to do. However, without the intervention of "third party", Moscow and Kiev are unlikely to agree.



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