France set to extend state of emergency until July 2017

France set to extend state of emergency until July 2017

The French government on Saturday announced plan to extend the state of emergency in the country, which has been in force since last year’s November 13 Paris attacks, until 15 July 2017.


The security measures will be debated in parliament on Tuesday before their expected approval by the Senate on Thursday.


“This electoral campaign period, which naturally includes numerous public meetings and rallies, will also unfortunately incur an increased risk of attacks,” said newly-appointed French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.


Cazeneuve said the state of emergency had amply demonstrated its efficiency.


He added that 17 attacks were foiled since the beginning of the year in France and 420 people had been arrested for suspected links to terror networks since the start of the year.


The state of emergency – which gives police extended powers of search and arrest – has already been renewed four times.


The presidential election will be held from 23 April to 7 May and legislative polls in from 11 to 18 June.


The state of emergency must “encompass all electoral operations” Cazeneuve said at a meeting of the French cabinet, warning of the danger of those “who want to strike at the heart of our democratic values and republican principles.”


The extension until July 15 would also allow a new president to assess security and prolong the state of emergency if necessary, Cazeneuve added.









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