A feeling that the political system of Europe has finally departed from democratic values  

A feeling that the political system of Europe has finally departed from democratic values  

By Alina Kantor

With the beginning of the court in Kazakhstan on the embezzlement case from BTA Bank, the main person involved in the criminal case - Mukhtar Ablyazov was again activated in the political field of Europe and the Internet. The former chairman of the bank's board of directors, accused of fraud for more than $ 7.5 billion, bribes the deputies of the European Parliament.

All eight years that the investigation into the case of BTA-Bank lasted, the Kazakh prosecutor's office tried to deport the runaway criminal oligarch to their homeland. The last three years, Ablyazov was in prison in France: he was detained at the request of Russia, where he was also accused of embezzlement. However, in December 2016, the French State Council abolished the decree on the extradition of Ablyazov and released him from prison. Then Paris justified its decision by the fact that, allegedly, Moscow's request was made "for political reasons."
This position of the Elysee Palace surprised many then. If only because in France, and in Great Britain, and in Cyprus, and in many other countries, the fact of fraud in BTA Bank was recognized. As well as acknowledged the main culprit Mukhtar Ablyazov and his accomplices. That is, they agreed with the accusations put forward by the Kazakh side in creating an organized criminal group.

Moreover, in November 2012, the High Court of London decided to recover 2.1 billion US dollars from Ablyazov and Roman Solodchenko in favor of BTA Bank. Also, the bank's claim against Ablyazov's affiliated companies Drey Associates Limited, Interfunding Facilities Limited, LLC AMK-Invest, Design-Construction Company, TuranAlem Capital LLC and Zrl Beteiligungs AG was also complied with. And a little later, the High Court of London stated that "Ablyazov organized a series of fraudulent transactions, through which the bank's investment funds were transferred to several shell companies in the British Virgin Islands. Ablyazov is personally responsible for the misappropriation of investments, he is also involved in the production of documents that were intended "backdating" to justify the transactions that have been made. "
The damage from Ablyazov's machinations in Russia exceeds several billion dollars. And in criminal schemes, a number of citizens of the Russian Federation, already convicted or under investigation, were involved. For example, former co-owner of the leasing company Delo Dmitry Pak and her ex-general director Oleg Tsarev were accused of trying to kidnap 2.5 billion rubles (about $ 80 million) with Ablyazov. Alexander Potkin was also convicted on charges of laundering stolen money from BTA Bank. The amount of damage exceeded 400 million dollars.

Today criminal cases against Ablyazov and his accomplices are being conducted in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine on 11 articles.

And all concern fraud, misappropriation and embezzlement of other people's property and legalization of money obtained illegally. In total Ablyazov and Co. have appropriated about 12 billion dollars of depositors of financial institutions in several countries. These funds were pension deposits of the population, personal savings of citizens of Kazakhstan, loans from foreign financial institutions and deposit accounts of companies, loans from government agencies (in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine).
Naturally, he could not independently implement such a scam . Therefore, in the criminal cases of each country, the creation of a criminal group appears. The courts of England established the fact of fraudulent acquisition of fraudsters in the amount of more than $ 4.3 billion. At the same time, the English ministers of Themis established that money from BTA Bank was withdrawn through a transnational network of more than 1,300 offshore companies in more than 10 countries.

Ablyazov's criminal schemes turned out to be so sophisticated, and the results of the crime are so large that the former Kazakh banker has already been included in the top ten most important criminals of the last century.
Against the background of the already established facts of fraud, Ablyazov makes a lot of efforts to avoid deportation to Russia or Kazakhstan. And the main version is that they are looking for him at home not for financial crimes, but for political reasons. This is exactly the version that, as it turned out, gives carte blanche in Europe. The EU is still cautiously looking to the East. And happy to be called a dissident any more or less "offended" at home. This was the case, for example, with Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, one of the most famour terrorists of Chechnya and the al-Qaida emissaries, who lived in Europe for many years. Together, by the way, with another Chechen terrorist - Ahmed Zakayev. Both gave out "expository" interviews to European journalists and enjoyed the full support of some local politicians.
So now it happens with another runaway Kazakh oligarch, accused at home of corruption - Viktor Khrapunov. He also prints articles like "How I fought and suffered for the truth." And at home, he was sued for creating a criminal group, theft, fraud and many more interesting articles. He, by the way, is a relative of Mukhtar Ablyazov through children: Khrapunov's son is married to Ablyazov's daughter.

While Viktor Khrapunov is on the list of the richest people in Switzerland, the US authorities agreed to the suit of the city of Almaty (his mayor for a long time was Khrapunov) against the runaway oligarch and his family. "The Khrapunovs and their front companies bought property and luxury cars in California, using funds stolen from the Almaty budget," the US Federal Court of Appeals for the State of California confirms.

As for Ablyazov, during the discussion of his fate in the French State Council, French media repeatedly hinted that one of the parties, actively fighting for power in France, received good sponsorship from Ablyazov in exchange for his release. However, the journalists could not present the evidence then. As a result, Ablyazov was released.

However, it remains a fact that Ablyazov, through the structures under his control, is actively supporting the forces opposed to the policies of the current governments of many countries in the post-Soviet space. First of all, it concerns Moscow and Astana. According to some sources, the funds are being spent through the unknown fund "Open Dialogue", registered in Poland.

Through this same fund, Ablyazov's relations with European politicians are financed. For example, thanks to the financial lobby of the foundation, Ablyazov and Co. recently managed to initiate an appeal by a number of deputies of the European Parliament to Interpol. Four parliamentarians appealed to Interpol with a request to stop the persecution of "the political dissident and refugee from Kazakhstan Mukhtar Ablyazov in the case of BTA Bank and Anatoly Pogorelov - the former top manager of Kazakhstan's BTA Bank, whose name was included in the" red ballot "of Interpol.

Such a feeling that the political system of Europe has finally departed from democratic values. And the deputies of the European Parliament from Eastern countries are ready to proclaim for the fee a hero of any sponsor. At least, that's what their accusations against Interpol look like, that this respected organization is "working" for a separate country.

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