Extradition would severely limit the ability to continue criminal actions

Extradition would severely limit the ability to continue criminal actions

By Alina Kantor

Almost extinct interest Ablyazov , erupted with renewed force by the political crisis in Ukraine. Now oligarch is in prison in Luynes , near Aix- Provence. French Themis , examining the extradition Ablyazov in Russia or Ukraine , came to believe that his guilt is proved completely that in fact there is no political motive .


Now, however, the attitude to Russia and ex- Provence Court acknowledged the existence of errors in the proceedings for extradition Mukhtar Ablyazov . As far as is known, now and in Kiev intend to revise the criminal case against Ablyazov . But six months ago, there were competing with the same Russian Ablyazova for extradition . Intervened in the new political situation . According to investigators, in the Ukraine alone Mr. Ablyazov stole $ 500 million through their fraudulent schemes with offshore .


It is known that among those who brazenly stole oligarch Ablyazov is not only the French financial institutions . As well as English, Russian , Kazakh banks . Fate of the criminal law enforcement agencies interested in a dozen different countries.


According to the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan, activities Ablyazov and his accomplices were also the subject of a criminal investigation of law enforcement agencies in Cyprus , Hungary and Latvia , the competent authorities of Ireland and Finland conducted inspections of its affiliated companies Ablyazov .


Hong Kong Court has ruled to freeze assets of companies that are believes to be owned by the fugitive ex-head Kazakhstan banker Mukhtar Ablyazov.


The court granted a motion of BTA Bank to freeze assets and stock of Hong Kong-based company Kazoil-Astana Group that is supposedly secretly owned by Mukhtar Ablyazov. 


According to the South China Morning Post, in 2008 Kazoil was involved in a legal dispute with the mainland firm Xinjiang Yili Zhaoli Commerce and Trade over the petrochemical plant and sea port project of two joint-venture companies Beihai Hanali Petro-chemical Port and Beihai Hanali Petro-chemical Enterprise in the coastal city of Beihai in Guangxi province. It was also reported that Kazoil obtained a $16 million loan from BTA Bank.


Extradition would severely limit the ability to continue Ablyazova " launder" funds received as a result of his criminal actions . It also once again indicates that repeated attempts to portray himself Ablyazova as persons persecuted for political reasons , are groundless


Select a country to extradite Mr Ablyazov depends on many factors . Everything will depend on the nature of the charges that will be filed, the position of his lawyer , as well as whether Mukhtar Ablyazov submit a request for any special status . However, even after his extradition Mukhtar Ablyazov in any of the three countries to return $ 5 billion , in which he is accused of embezzlement , will be very difficult






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