Europe shouldn’t rely on Iran’s gas in coming years - expert

Europe shouldn’t rely on Iran’s gas in coming years - expert

In the coming years, Iran’s gas will be unavailable for Europe, according to Sergei Pikin, director of the Russian Energy Development Fund.


“In order to get Iranian gas, it is necessary to build infrastructure,” he said in an interview with Trend. “Therefore, at best, Iran’s gas will be on the European market after 2020.”


The expert believes that Iran, in order to supply gas to the European market, will be in the future able to use a pipeline running from Iran to Turkey, which isn’t fully loaded today.


Touching upon the competition in the European gas market, the expert said Iran’s gas wouldn’t pose a serious threat to Russian gas.


“Iran is a very distant threat compared to those existing currently,” said Pikin. “The situation around Russia’s gas supply to Europe’s market is complicated not due to some competitors, but because the Europeans are trying to distance themselves from Russia.”


“This factor is more significant,” he added.


The expert explained that today, the European buyers don’t want Russia’s Gazprom to strengthen its position in Europe’s market, and prefer alternative gas supply sources.



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