Europe’s East

Russia still struggling to connect with Asian markets

By Alexander Gabuev

Despite numerous statements declaring Russia’s “pivot to Asia,” the country still faces challenges connecting the goals of the government with the needs of foreign investors. READ MORE

Despite Multiple Troubles, Russia Continues Its Pressure Against Georgia

By Vasili Rukhadze

One might expect that while Russia’s political, diplomatic, military and economic resources are tied down in its protracted war in Ukraine, the Kremlin would have difficulty focusing on other regions within the post-Soviet space. But even a casual glance at Russia’s recent activities in Georgia immediately dispels such assumptions. READ MORE

Member states reassert sovereignty over energy mix ahead of EU summit

By James Crisp

European Union governments have reasserted their authority over their national energy policies, before leaders meet to discuss the bloc’s plans for Energy Union on Thursday (19 March). READ MORE

Strengthening Franco-Polish ties

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls met with Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz and President Bronislaw Komorowski in Warsaw to discuss, among others, deepening of the economic ties between both countries. READ MORE

From a Greater Europe to a Greater Asia?

By Dmitri Trenin

A year ago, Russia’s foreign policy universe changed dramatically. After the overthrow in February 2014 of then Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych and the arrival of nationalist and pro-Western forces in power in Kiev, the Ukrainian crisis led to Russia’s confrontation with the US and its estrangement from Europe. By contrast, Moscow’s relations with Beijing have grown visibly closer since then, going way beyond the “marriage of convenience” model that some scholars once devised to describe them. If the current situation persists, the Sino-Russian entente may become a more salient feature of international relations.  READ MORE

Croats Split on Value of Serbian Minister’s Visit

By Sven Milekic

Croatian political analysts differ on the lasting signficance of Wednesday’s visit to Zagreb of Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic. READ MORE

New mediator

Increased contacts between Moscow and European leaders creates a fertile ground for the understanding of the parties’ position in the Ukrainian crisis. READ MORE

Russian psychological warfare in Latvia

By Jakob Ljungman

Russia has long attempted a campaign of mainly non-military means in Latvia consisting of numerous strategies taking place both in the country and its surrounding areas. These campaigns must be viewed in light of the severe military escalation in the Baltic Sea and in Eastern Europe, says Swedish analyst Jakob Ljungman in his recent report. READ MORE

A German king, a Greek crown – historic roots of troubled ties

Greece has railed against what it sees as German dominance since the 2010 start of the eurozone financial crisis, but antagonism between the two countries can be traced back to the 19th century. READ MORE

Economic crisis not over for Spain: EC chief

The president of the European Commission has rejected claims from within the Spanish government that the country has exited economic recession, saying the crisis still lingers for the Spaniards. READ MORE

April 2016