Estonian public supports Kaljurand for president

Estonian public supports Kaljurand for president

Despite the emergence of new presidential candidates, the people of Estonia would like to see Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand as the country's next president, according to Postimees.


According to a survey commissioned by Postimees and conducted in June by TNS Emor pollsters, a quarter of respondents backed Kaljurand for president.


Following Kaljurand was Centre Party leader Edgar Savisaar, suspected of graft, with 14 per cent. The Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) candidate Allar Joks and honourary chairman of the Reform Party Siim Kallas tied for third place with 11 per cent each, followed by MEP Indrek Tarand with 6 per cent support.


Although Kaljurand remains the most popular presidential candidate she has lost 5 per cent of her support since April. Those points may have gone to Joks, TNS Emor head of surveys Aivar Voog said. Other candidates' support percentages remain much the same, he added.


Support for Kaljurand is uniform among ethnic Estonians and Russian-speakers, as well as among the young and the old, the expert noted.


Some 15 per cent of the polled were undecided.



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