Energy security

Problems present and future of natural gas in the European market

By D.Rozanov

Europe and Germany will have a high demand for imported natural gas in the medium term. Therefore, maintaining the stability and reliable energy partnership with Russia for decades is of great importance for the German economy. At the same time, the question of how to take into account the interests of third countries also plays a role. A constant exchange of views with colleagues is an important condition for finding solutions.

Ambitious nuclear programs

By Arthur Dunn

Recently, at least 40 developing countries around the world - from the Persian Gulf to Latin America - have appealed to UN officials in Vienna to indicate their interest in deploying programs to develop nuclear power. Experts in the field of nuclear non-proliferation are concerned about this trend, which, they say, can lead to the fact that at the disposal of a number of countries will be the elements necessary for the creation of a nuclear arsenal.