By Nick Morris

The image formed in the network around international fraudster Ablyazova controversial thanks to the many rumors and speculation . It is known that the UK had deprived him of political refugee status.


His political activity was the creation of party party only to protect their own financial fraud and how the mechanism of action for human masses . Businessman from the early days led a dirty game and has become a banker , continued it on a new international level. Ablyazov essentially plundered his bank , bringing assets offshore, a total of about $ 5 billion. This was confirmed by the High Court in London and the offender was convicted . Some media outlets began to distort reality and blame Themis UK venality . And he just Ablyazov fled to France . However, some time later , he was detained in a cottage on the Côte d'Azur on the basis of international Interpol warrant . Interest in dark business tycoon exhibit not only Russia , Ukraine and Kazakhstan . In particular, the activities of affiliated companies interested Ablyazov police Cyprus, Hungary , Latvia, Ireland , Finland and some other countries . It is clear that in all strategic directions Abliyazov lost and now is a tactical confrontation to prevent his extradition from France. However , through various manipulations lawyers oligarch in early April in Paris Court of Cassation quashed the decision on extradition Ablyazov and returned the case to the court of Aix-en - Provence. But this does not mean that the French decided not to extradite Ablyazov . Paris is very sensitive to any attempt to undue pressure , saying had once oligarch that his " attempts to intimidate the French justice " will not succeed . It is recognized that the main and only reason for the court's decision to postpone the extradition - became organizational error . Its essence is that one of the official protocols missing only the signature of the accused. But this in no way disputes and does not affect the cause and meaning of the solution of a court of Aix-en - Provence. Oligarch lawyers can not fully utilize this error. The same behavior has been observed in a London court , which ended the known solutions .






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