British Labor Party opposed the bill passed by Parliament on the infrastructure that simplifies the procedure of shale gas by residential areas. As a result, in the UK with a bang sparked debate about the future of shale gas and the country's energy system.


In the summer of 2014 the government lifted the ban on the production of shale gas. After the start of "shale revolution" in the US in 2008, many European countries have decided that it is - a way to diversify the supply of "blue fuel", as well as significant savings budget. However, as it turned out, in the process of test drilling in many countries, including the UK, the only available method frekinga - hydraulic fracturing - neekologichen too. The fact is that, according to a number of ecologists, by injection of a toxic mix of oil shale chemicals leach into groundwater. In some areas of the UK, even small earthquakes have occurred because of irregularities in the bedding layers at shallow depth. As a result, the country banned the production of shale.


However, the government of David Cameron has decided to seriously take up the sanctions against Russia and Britain volatility. National gas trader suspended purchase contracted again in 2012 to 2.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas for domestic consumption. Instead, in the national economy, there are fewer ways to provide high energy demand, because gas production in the North Sea is falling, and export opportunities for Norwegian fields just exhausted. Therefore, the government decided to turn to internal resources, despite the vulnerability of "shale" theme with environmental side.


When this has been resolved shale mining near densely populated cities such as London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. The proposed bill simplifies current government has allowed the extraction by the abolition of compulsory prior authorization for the development of residential areas under the beds at a depth of 300 meters. In fact, after the adoption of the law energy companies have been able to develop a storm of activity under the British metropolitan areas, despite the threat of environmental degradation and to compensate the victims, as has been common in the United States. There are, however, shale gas is produced in less populated areas.


The Labour Party used the vulnerability of the bill as an opportunity to accuse the government of incompetence. The fundamental difference between the government and the opposition on the issue of shale gas production is not. The Labour Party beat criticized for weak points of the bill, which the government really has not worked. However, not the fact that after the amendment of the law will not work. The more that the government coalition has a comfortable majority in the House of Commons of the British Parliament.



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