David Shark: “Membership in the Eurasian Economic Union Shall Not Impede Kazakhstan to Join the WTO”

David Shark: “Membership in the Eurasian Economic Union Shall Not Impede Kazakhstan to Join the WTO”

Another economic forum was held in the capital of Kazakhstan Astana. Last year this forum was attended by approximately thirteen thousand people of 160 countries of the world, including former and current Heads of the states, ministers, Nobel Prize winners, the Heads of the key international organizations, central banks, TNCs and big business-structures.


This year the Astana economic forum gathered a great number of participants and delegates and proved the significance of this dialogue arena which was attended by the international experts with the purpose to find a solution to the main economic and social challenges of the modern world.


70 events included forums, conferences, congresses, summits and meetings and big dialogue platforms within the forum were dedicated to the matters of Eurasian integration, the oncoming international exhibition EXPO-2017 to be held in Astana, to the dialogue on development of the Silk Road and energy issues.


Except for these key matters, discussed during the forum, the special public interest was drawn by unique summits with new subject-matters. These are I International Summit of Journalism, dedicated to new Media technologies and innovative instruments of material presentation during covering of economic issues, the International Energy Leaders Summit, devoted to the options and risks of energy in the so called transitional period,  the International Women Forum G-Global: the role of women in the new economy.


Except for that Kazakhstan included into the program also the International Investment Forum “AstanaInvest”, which is of special importance in the light of the great developed in the capital construction on the eve of the EXPO. Also was held the Global Youth Forum called “Economic Integration and ”Green Technologies”: the contribution of the youth, the forum of Asian universities “Eurasian Diversity and the Role of I\Universities for Stable Development”.


The Prime Minister Masimov held a speech during the opening ceremony, noting the positive result of the forum as attraction of the leading investment companies. According to the information of the World Competitiveness Center of the  International Institute for Management Development (IMD, Switzerland, Lausanne), which announced the results of the Annual World Competitiveness ranking – 2014 which had compared 60 states of the world, among which the USA, Switzerland and Singapore had been recognized as the most competitive. Kazakhstan held the 32nd line in the ranking.


Consolidation of all experts in economy and finances to search the solutions and outlining of the key directions of global integration, financial and economic stability was enabled due to the global economic forum, held under the initiative of Kazakhstan. 


The Astana Economic Forum has proved to be a unique platform for involving and constructive discussion on the most topical matters of the modern world. The number of the most attractive factors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to the experts, includes: dynamism of the economy, beneficial taxation system, strategic stability and predictability of the situation, open and positive relations, favorable business-environment.


Together with that grows positive dynamics of the results of the common economic area, thus according to the President N. Nazarbayev “the operating Customs Union and Common Economic Space has already demonstrated their advantages for the participants of these unions – goods turnover is growing between the countries despite the reduction of the world prices on the main export goods.


The share of the CU states in the foreign trade turnover of Kazakhstan has reached 18 percent of the total scope”. The work under the common Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union during the Astana Economic Forum within the provided agreements is planned the way for the document to come into power on January 1, 2016. The document should assist getting out of the financial crises and assure long-term economic growth.


“Membership in the Eurasian Economic Union shall not impede Kazakhstan to join the WTO. The talks of Kazakhstan’s joining the WTO have promoted significantly. I see that Kazakhstan undertakes great obligations and really wishes to enter this organization. But at the same time Kazakhstan accedes the Eurasian economic Union and Kazakhstan has no conflicts between these two objectives,” declared the Deputy Director-General of the World Trade Organization David Shark. Shark also underlined that there are many member-states of the WTO which are the parties to different integration associations, but this did not impede their membership in the World Trade Organization. Kazakhstan hopes to join the WTO by the end of the current year.


During the AEF panel session listed were the key segments of the new economic policy of Kazakhstan, in which the country shall develop. Under the order of the Head of the state the country develops еру new economic policy. It shall be the policy of stable growth, which includes 4 segments: the development of raw materials sectors, which shall assure macroeconomic stability and financial ground for further growth. The second segment includes market oriented sectors. It is the processing industry, which gives the quality of growth, stability and competence development. The third segment includes innovative sectors giving competitiveness of the future. Research and human resources basis, new energy is included into the fourth sector. It gives employment as the first three do not. These are tourism, development of small and medium business and various services.


The Astana Economic Forum demonstrates openness of Kazakhstan and gives new options for mutually beneficial projects. Here discussed is a broad range of initiatives – from risk management and the World Anti-Crisis Conference to humanitarian issues.



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