Czech Republic remains traditional partner for Georgian economy

Czech Republic remains traditional partner for Georgian economy


The Czech Republic is the traditional partner for Georgian economy though not the key one, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic told.

According to the Ministry, the priority areas of cooperation for both countries are industry, energy (classic and renewable energy sources), transport, means of transport and infrastructure, agriculture and food industry, health care, ecology, urban infrastructure, regional development).

"Also as the Czech Republic has a leading role in the innovative technologies, the projects to support innovative solutions with the participation of the Czech companies are being implemented", said the ministry.

In 2018, the mutual turnover between the countries increased by 12 percent to 100 million euro.

"As we look at the 2018 final statistics, the main export commodities from Czech Republic to Georgia were machinery and transport equipment, chemicals and related products and industrial consumer goods", said the representatives of ministry.

As the ministry noted, the import to the Czech Republic from Georgia was composed of industrial consumer goods, food and live animals.

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