Criminal waltz in Vienna

Criminal waltz in Vienna

By Alina Kantor

In Austria, there was a confusion of justice. In Vienna, a judge Andreas Bem were released from custody two suspects in a series of serious crimes foreigners Alnur Musayev and Vadim Koshlyak.


This decision was unexpected and its motives, is not so much the questions as puzzling. Prosecutor's Office has made a protest about this to a higher authority. And the Supreme Court of the province of Vienna in early May began its consideration. These defendants are on the high-profile case of Rakhat Aliyev. In this regard, the extraordinary humanism judge Bem looks very suspicious. To freedom of them were released people suspected of multiple murders. However, no less surprising is the explanation that accompanied its decision to the judge. It is based on small procedural inconsistencies essentially does not change. Moreover, the judge openly influenced the jury, showing unacceptable "loyalty" to the defendant. Such behavior casts doubt on the status of an impartial arbitrator. And it caused a series of critical articles about Themis Austrian media.


One of the largest Austrian newspaper «Osterreish» writes very hard throughout the justice system claiming that "the case Aliyev" can not be an example for law students. It is well known that 16 Austrian judiciary, including the Supreme Court unanimously found that Musa and Koshlyak lawfully in custody. Being charged with the murder of Kazakhstani bankers agreed with all relevant Austrian ministries, including the Ministry of Justice. And suddenly, one judge's decision cast a shadow over the Bema entire judicial system. This trial embarrassing way to discredit the authority of all the accumulated centuries of Austrian justice.


Andreas Boehm has repeatedly been seen in bias against the accused. In particular, it does not act as witnesses for the prosecution. During the hearing of 28 April, the widow attempts Aydar Hosenova - Sholpan Koshlyak tell about his involvement in the events that led to the disappearance of the first, and then the deaths of two bankers, the judge said that his little interest in those details.


Above the other witnesses representative Themis also openly mocks. In particular, during the interrogation of the driver Sapozhnikov, the judge refused to take into account Bem Tolt fact that the accused was represented by law enforcement agencies with a very wide powers.


In a situation where witnesses can not remember any details after eight years, the judge starts to press psychologically threatening criminal liability for false testimony.


A striking example of double standards demonstrated by the following case. Judge Böhm, apparently trying to transfer the case to the political plane, attracted to testify Rysbek Sarsenbayev - brother who was killed in February 2006, the politician Altynbek Sarsenbayev in Kazakhstan.


It should be clarified that the ex-general Musayev and his subordinate Koshlyak trying to prove that they are being persecuted for political reasons. History Sarsenbayev, not directly related to the case, could form the jury misconceptions about what happened. And despite the protest of the prosecutor's office in Vienna Bem judge decides whether the interrogation. Imagine his surprise when the witness said about the involvement of Musayev and Aliyev to the contract killing of his brother. He also suggested the complicity Koshlyak Musayev and the murder of the bankers. That is actually supported by the line charge and apparently broke the entire script processing jury. As a result of such manipulations in defiance of the prosecutor's office to witness the interest R.Sarsenbaevu immediately cooled abruptly, causing a sense of comedy.


It's loud and sensational case it turned out to be entangled lozhyu.V manifested contemptuous distrust of countries east of Vienna, which is used by fugitive thieves and criminals. The status of a freedom fighter on the one hand and a fat wallet, ensuring total legal cover, on the other - and you can continue to live comfortably. Cases of this kind, as practice shows, delayed for years.


The same Musayev, for example, actively being discussed in the media image of the sufferer and a political refugee. Not just once or twice out of his mouth sounded accusations of Kazakhstan that his relatives were held hostage there.


But has anyone tried to check his words? Meanwhile, it became known that his first wife and daughter not tolerate any harassment. The eldest daughter, Almira Musayev Kazakh diplomat's wife in the Czech Republic, the youngest was married to a citizen of the Russian Federation. They move easily between countries, and no one in Kazakhstan that not prepyatstvuet.Vtoraya wife - a civil, not just come to Austria with her son Musayev.


But he ex-General in their personal characteristics well suited to the role of dictator. His law wife he forced to abandon Christianity and convert to Islam, changing not only the faith, but also the name. However, this is a private matter. Worse than the other, there is information that Musa had killed one of his mistresses. It's criminal history would fit well as a script for a thriller. When another passion Musayev bore him a son, he wanted to take the child himself. The mother did not agree and the general, literally broke her fate, tossing drugs and triggering the arrest. After prison, his mother tried to reclaim his son, but soon died mysteriously.


However, as the Austrian referee Behm said, our case is not relevant.






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