From criminal schemes to political conjunctivitis

From criminal schemes to political conjunctivitis

By Mark Zaguda

Theoretical physicist, political loser - Mukhtar Ablyazov a fugitive oligarch has chosen a new tactic of confrontation with Kazakh authorities.

If he initially frightened Kazakh people with Orange Revolution, the spread of the source of instability in the Middle East, then today he predicts the shocks due to an emerging "Islamic factor".

“Kinder surprise” (the ironical nick name of Mukhtar Kabulovich) is acting as always opportunistically and therefore too predictably. We can assume that as soon as tomorrow in Kazakhstan can be a new hot topic. Mr. fugitive oligarch surely mark his "expert" view to the events in a new way. He acts as a guy, who is very easily and flexibly adapts to any situation. And there for there is no doubts, that in light of the topic through the media under his control from a small fly will be produced a rare deformity mutant elephantine that could not be found as in the red book as in the Museum of Natural Sciences.

And today as in Kazakhstan gained wide public and expert discussion of issues of religious extremism and terrorism, Ablyazov not stand aside and actively adds fuel to the debate.

Moreover, it is often so tempted to speed things up. For this reason he is wishfully coloring the situation so that the ignorant may seem it as the republic is on the brink of civil war.

For example, here are some quotes from his recent statements: “The boiler is gaining immense power, and it certainly will explode tomorrow …”, - latter-day Nostradamus broadcasts. – “In Kazakhstan, I have no doubt will be riots and casualties…”.

So that is the Ablyazov’s political outlook. And personally I have no doubt that to realize all his plans the money of oligarch is ready for far-going plans.

Due to his partial interviews there is an impression that the main and maniac goal of fugitive oligarch is the collapse of existing state system. And in this context the references to the victims are something that makes you wonder. There is a doubt that "kinder-surprise" even despite the huge amount of stolen money during the ruling of "Temir Bank" and “BTA Bank” is capable to realize something real. All his attempts to resist the current government failed miserably. In particular, the boycott initiated by Ablyazov at the Presidential elections in April month of this year has not been taken place. The opposition really believed that people in Kazakhstan were dissatisfied with the policy of the President. So, they again showed their detachment from reality. In this regard, the opponents considered that those who would not come to polling stations would be on their side. But keeping this position they provoked to come to the polling stations even the passive electorate. As a result the voter turnout was unprecedented in the history of independence.

This fact, among other things, says that the Kazakh’s people do not want any shocks. For this reason Mukhtar Ablyazov was pointed out by many citizens of the country as unreliable person. When he stole millions from banks some people even said about him with sympathy, but when he attempted to poison the social harmony and stability, ordinary citizens did not support him. The people of Kazakhstan at the example of neighboring Kyrgyzstan have learned well the lesson: when the lords are fighting, the ordinary people suffer very much.

So, that is the reason why Ablyazov has changed his tactics and now threatens civilians by the Islamic revolution. And it is disturbing. After all who is according to experts and political scientists Ablyazov today? For Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries he is a fugitive criminal, a thief who should be in prison. The same experience he had before, particularly he served a term in Kazakhstan’s prison in 2002 for creating a criminal group, for illegal business activities and abusing the serving position.

For the West World Ablyazov is a puppet from whom could be created the “brand”, but it is still unknown how to take an advantage from this, so they holding him for the convenient time. The fact that the “kinder-surprise” began to talk about Islamic extremism is certainly alarming. We all remember that the London has often become shelter for criminals, extremists and terrorists. There are many examples. And who knows what the role in this context is given to Ablyazov. How would he pay for his political immunity, that has been kindly provided by the UK? May be by all the resources of Kazakhstan, that he now call to divide fairly?

If we speak about radical Islamic organizations, we must say that this important and vital topic is relevant not only for the Kazakhstan, but for the whole Central Asia. And all this happening in many respects to liberal legislation that forced by the West through NGOs and various human right organizations, so fake religious organizations act in a free way at the territory of Kazakhstan. Certainly that all is not enough to split of society, but anyway. Expert studies show that the amount of active believers who is leading the religious way of life is about 10-17% of the population. They include 5-6% of the fanatics from the various religious sects including the Islamic. So, there is something to think about.

However while in Kazakhstan the vast majority of the population leads non-religious live style, has a non-religious education, so there are no real preconditions that Islamists may come to power. To prevent that in the future the Government took some steps. The country has begun a number of initiatives from the creation of the Agency for Religious Affairs to putting the amendments to the existing religious legislation.

So, it means that Mr. Ablyazov probably will scream to the whole world about the freedom of conscience and the persecution against religious organizations. By the way it is his way to express the love to the homeland. This love is twisted, since he is a traitor and a hypocrite.

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