Crimea Echo In Central Asia

Crimea Echo In Central Asia

By Bogdan Swoboda

Over the past few months the whole world is watching , both in Ukraine political crisis unfolded heavy . Known reaction of most Western countries, sharply criticized Russia . . But, for example , China has not supported the bellicose rhetoric of the West. It should be noted that Beijing is traditionally characterized by a policy of nonintervention in the affairs of third countries , but the statement made by the top management of China, can be regarded as support for the position of Russia. And India has practically not comment on actions by Ukraine. Also refrained from harsh assessments and Japan . Obviously, the policy has changed significantly Tokyo , and the Japanese authorities clearly realize that criticism of Russia alienate countries and thus strengthen the position of China in the confrontation in the Far East.


Kazakhstan's position on the political crisis in Ukraine remains unchanged - it is necessary to establish a dialogue between past and present power and try , if possible, avoid open confrontation . Aggravation of the same relationship between supporters and opponents of different policies to no good will not result. Astana has always advocated the peaceful dialogue.


At this time , from the beginning Ukrainian conflict , peacekeeping , Kazakhstan took maximum position. It calls to abandon power options demonstrating peacekeeping view.


Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry said that a further escalation of tensions could lead to unpredictable consequences. Require rejection of power options to resolve the situation and maximum political efforts to resolve the current problems through negotiations . This decision should be based on the fundamental principles of international law. There is hope for an early normalization of the situation , the peace dialogue between all political forces and the restoration of the rule of law in Ukraine.


According to the official report on the results of the negotiations in The Hague between U.S. and Kazakhstan on the Crimean issue, "the leaders reaffirmed their common interest in finding a peaceful settlement of the dispute between Russia and Ukraine ." "... They agreed that it was important to maintain the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity" - also mentioned there. President of Kazakhstan noted the duality of the situation , the events taking place around the Crimea and warned their members , noting that the event is fraught with grave consequences of the global scale.


But Ukraine, in response to a speech by President Nazarbayev in The Hague, representatives handed a protest note to the Kazakh side . It notes that Nazarbayev statements are contrary to the generally accepted norms of international law and the position of most countries. And contrary to the partnership between the two countries . And therefore are not eligible for the Ukrainian side.


It will be recalled that after the war between Russia and Georgia, Kazakhstan did not recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia . And while he referred to the fact that not guilty and Kosovo's independence. In fact been demonstrated multidirectional Kazakhstan's foreign policy.


Experts also remind that the Kremlin showed perseverance to involve Ukraine into the Customs Union , nor Astana nor Minsk to Moscow this issue is not actually supported.


According to American analysts, for the leaders of Central Asia is particularly dangerous is not a repetition of Kiev protests , and the repetition of " Crimean scenario " in their states . " Frozen " conflicts on the territory of the former USSR may flare up again , especially if Moscow would wish to protect them speaking residents or minorities . How to say U.S. researchers , after the Crimean events again become topical problem Uzbek enclaves in Kyrgyzstan , Uzbekistan and Tajik Russian -populated northern Kazakhstan . Since the beginning of the most notable events of the Crimean Russian nationalist politicians openly predicting the fate of Ukraine Kazakhstan . Although Astana and understands that these statements do not come from the Kremlin , changing moods in Russia is very noticeable , and celebrated by the Kazakh authorities . For appeals to the illegal change of the territorial integrity of Kazakhstan on the draft of the new Criminal Code provides for penalties of up to 10 years in prison.


At the aggravation of the Ukrainian crisis in Kazakhstan has already appeared Antievraziyskoe movement that opposes the economic integration led by Moscow . At the same time , experts stress , activists carry out their activities within the law, at the level of public debate, discussion . But at the same time it says that part of the society holds about the same positions.


Today it is becoming more obvious meaning of the peacekeeping mission in Astana. If Putin agrees to accept the mission of Nazarbayev , he would retain the chance to create a Eurasian Economic Union. A key role in this process belongs to the Kazakh president. Meanwhile, the agreement on the establishment of this union , which must be signed in early May , is still far from agreed . And the consequences of possible failure of the project for Putin may be more important than his victory in the Crimea.






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