Country after the fourth president

Country after the fourth president

By Alina Kantor

Generation NEXT of political beau monde of Kyrgyzstan are young top-managers from the state, and headed by the youngest in the post-Soviet space head of the government - 40-year-old Sapar Isakov. If today in Kyrgyzstan held a contest: "The most failed politician of the country," Prime Minister Sapar Isakov would certainly take first place. Such a number of unsuccessful projects for the country do not seem to have a history of any high-level Kyrgyz officials. However, all these failures for the country turn out to be a significant profit for the very prime minister S. Isakov. In one of the first big interviews at the post of prime minister, S. Isakov admitted that he was "very happy and very rich man.”

This relatively young wealthy politician started his career in the budgetary sphere as long as he was studying at the Graduate School of the Higher School of Diplomacy and International Law of the International University of Kyrgyzstan. Master of International Law and incidentally a teacher of this Young future Prime Minister in 2003 moved to the international legal department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic. In this state agency S.Isakov has passed a way from the simple attache to the head of the department. And then a fast career. For a short period of time, S. Isakov headed the Department of International Cooperation of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, slightly supervised the Communications Service of the Central Agency for Development, Investments and Innovations. And right after the revolution he headed the department of international relations of the apparatus of the interim government of the Kyrgyz Republic. Then he quickly moved to the presidential administration in the rank of deputy head of the government of the Kyrgyz Republic. His impetuous career, a young politician S. Isakov is personally indebted to the then president of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambaev. The head of Kyrgyzstan himself was so proud of the young protégé that he even personally presented him to the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who visited Kyrgyzstan with the formulation: "My right hand". As far as we know, according to tax declarations by S.Isakov up to 2015, practically nothing was registered in the property. At the same time, his close relatives had a very different situation. Despite modest incomes, relatives of S.Isakova own solid assets in the form of luxury apartments in the center of Bishkek, elite vehicles, as well as prestigious sites of the earth. According to some Internet publications, at the same time a car "Lexus RX 450h" appears on the property of a close relative of S.Isakov, costing from 80 thousand dollars (about 5.5 million soms). At the same time, the income of this relative (or relative) is more than modest: for the whole year he (or she) earned (earned) only 64 thousand soms. By the way, Isakov himself spent tens of times more than he earned with his wife. In 2015-2016, he earned about million soms a year, and spent almost 10 million annually. All the benefits of the Kyrgyz prime minister from the secret business, in the legal language, are called corruption. In addition, we should not forget that he is "the right hand of A. Atambaev." But we confine ourselves to a couple of achievements of Sapar Isakov during his tenure as prime minister. The loudest and most profitable business of the current prime minister is an attempt to attract the Czech company LiglassTrading for the construction of 14 small hydropower stations in Kyrgyzstan. The prime minister made every effort to make these Czechs come to Kyrgyzstan. He wanted to sign a contract, while squeezing Russian companies out of the project. As is known, according to the accords of 2009, the Russian Federation already issued $ 1.7 billion to Kyrgyzstan in the form of a loan for the construction of Verkhne-Naryn and Kambar-Ata hydroelectric power stations, as well as a state loan of $ 300 mln and a grant of $150 mln .

But especially premier S. Isakov hoped to receive a loan from LiglassTrading in Czech banks under the agreement signed with Bishkek. However, the Czech export bank denied the company "LiglassTrading CZ, SRO" in the insurance of their investments in Kyrgyz projects because of the low economic rating of the republic. Along with this, the journalists found that the company itself, with which pompously signed the contract, Kyrgyz officials, never built anything, especially such grandiose structures as HPP. And its main specialization is the elementary purchase and sale of consumer goods. Moreover, it became known to some mass media that the technical assignments for the construction of Kyrgyz hydropower plants by a Czech company never existed at all. In general, the elementary scam of the prime minister with Czech partners. Another equally strange "state business project" produced by Isakov and Co is an attempt to sell the state-owned telecommunications company CJSC Alfa Telecom (Megacom) a small-scale wholesaler of tea from Moscow - Elena Nagornaya. The strangest thing about the project is Isakov & Co. "This is the practical lack of this" business lady "financial means to buy the company, as well as relevant experience in telecommunications. But in abundance of the same loud and false promises, as the Czech friends of the prime minister. However, the passion for communication with Mr. S. Isakov is present from his previous position in the central agency for development, investment and innovation. Then the future current prime minister managed also cellular communication operators of the country. And right from its submission all mobile companies of the Kyrgyz Republic were forcibly imposed a special tariff plan for each successful connection. At least half of them went to the prime minister's pocket. In general, it should be summed up that having such a large-scale experience of failed attempts to put his country on a "debt needle" ambitious prime minister honestly does not know how to work. And here it is worth recalling that when retiring his patron-ex-president Almazbek Atambayev promised that on vacation he will be engaged in the personal preparation of the Social Democratic Party for the next parliamentary elections. However, the fourth president of the Kyrgyz Republic did not mention that this party should clean itself of the mud that it had overgrown for the last six years, and not without the personal involvement of this politician.

Today, the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan is the ruling party. Most of the key posts in the country are occupied by its representatives, the SDPK faction in the parliament is the largest. But the big size and the big power always tempt. Inside SDPK today gathered a huge number of those with whom the party, updated after the revolution of 2010, so zealously promised to fight - and this is corrupt.

One of the slogans with which supporters of this party took to the streets of the country in 2010 was the fight against total corruption. But over the years of governing the country, its leaders were able to overcome only one thing - the distribution of large state posts between relatives. However, decent people in the republic, alas, never waited.

Moreover, the country saw a completely new form of "mutual guarantee" - on a party principle. To be a member of SDPK today means guaranteeing immunity. And the larger the position in the party, the more security it provides. Perhaps that is why over the past five years, despite the beautiful and loud slogans of the fight against corrupt officials, not a single large fish from the powers not found in the dock.

One of the most striking examples is the "case" in relation to the deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh from the SDPK faction Muzaffar Isakov. In February last year, the Prosecutor General's Office instituted a criminal case against M. Isakov, and in March brought charges against him. Given that corruption has no statute of limitations, prosecutors managed to prove that the deputy, being the head of the administration of the Suzak district in 2010-2015, organized a criminal group for the illegal sale of land for individual housing construction. And he personally signed 315 illegal decisions on the transfer of these plots of land. The total area of ​​the land sold then exceeds 14 hectares. 315 permits, for each of which citizens paid up to 3000 US dollars. That is, almost a million US dollars were in the pocket of the current deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh. But the criminal case mysteriously went to the archive, and did not reach the court. And M. Isakov continues to work confidently as a deputy, covering the dark affairs of the past and the present with parliamentary inviolability. But among the party members there are also real rapists.

During the parliamentary elections a couple of years ago, Dilmurat Akparalyev was on the list as a candidate from SDPK, and in 1999 he was convicted of rape. And a little later, in 2010 he tried to bring to criminal liability under the Criminal Code "Extortion". One of the news agencies published a message of the press service of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Jalal-Abad region. The police, as reported, addressed a resident of the village of Ala-Buka with a statement that local thugs by deception and extortion took away his property to the amount of 66 thousand soms. And among the names of those who systematically engaged in looting and "protection" of private entrepreneurs, the name of the future party boss sounded. But neither for fraud, nor for the organization of a criminal group, nor for illegal ammunition discovered by D.Akparalyev, there was no criminal case. Instead, in 2012 he was elected deputy.

Another sex maniac with a criminal past sits in parliament. Torobai Zulpukarov and his partner in 1997 threatened and inflicted bodily injuries raped an unknown to them some citizen A.Orozaliev, and this despite the fact that at that time T. Zulpukarov worked as a policeman. But the current member of the SDPK faction does not have a line about this unseemly moment in his biography. The most interesting thing is that the years of his imprisonment are marked: "private entrepreneur".

Another "honest man" is Ulan Primov, who also occupied the parliamentary seat of the SDPK. Even more than a year ago, the Osh prosecutor's office declared illegal the participation in the state tenders of the company affiliated with U.Primov: the company, most recently re-registered as a deputy for his father, won 8 state tenders for a total of more than 28 million soms. But till now law enforcement bodies do not hurry up to take measures. In 2010, the people who rose to the revolution against corruption-ridden power, today sees that the SDPK, which promised to be a champion of truth and justice, has itself become a hotbed of crime. And the people against whom yesterday and today are charged with bribery, rape, bribery, teach Kyrgyz citizens to respect the law. But everyone understands that all of them came to the party only in order to hide behind their high positions and mandates their crimes against the country and its people.

The new president Sooronbai Jeenbekov promises to review the system of fighting corruption. Will he be able to break the current state of affairs? There are still hopes that the head of state, to whom the overwhelming number of Kyrgyz citizens expressed confidence in the October elections, will keep his election promise - will turn Kyrgyzstan into a country of law and order.


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