Co-сhairs Will Vote Against

Co-сhairs Will Vote Against

Interview with the NA BHK faction member, head of the NA European Integration Affairs permanent Commission Naira Zohrabyan
Azerbaijan presented a resolution draft on the “Azerbaijani occupied territories” to the UN. Will it be adopted?

It is difficult to predict whether it will be adopted or not. Naturally, some countries of the Islamic Conference will vote in favor of the draft. As for Azerbaijan’s tactics, to render any international structure a platform for its agitation trying to take the NKR issue settlement out of the OSCE format, I do not think such tactics can promote the stability and peace in the region, neither the NKR issue settlement.

One thing is sure and the leaders of the co-chairing countries have stated about it many times – the best mandate is the OSCE Minsk group. By the way, the Russian president, who has been in Armenia on a state visit, reiterated the inexpedience to transfer NKR issue from the OSCE MG mandate.

It is quite understandable, since other international structures, let it be the UN or PACE, where Azerbaijan is trying to take the issue, have no legal ideas on the conflict and their attitude can only be political. Even in case the draft is adopted, it will have advisory character and will not have serious influence on the NKR issue.

I have repeatedly stated that we have an issue on coordinated work. Our missions in international organizations, parliamentary delegations need to work coordinated mobilizing the potential of Diaspora. Unfortunately, we ignore and undervalue the influence of the propaganda war. We need to be more initiative and we should not let Azerbaijan mislead the international community with its adventures.
How will the co-chairing as well as CSTO countries vote?

I hope and I am convinced that co-chair countries will vote against. I hope that the EU countries, for which the transfer of the settlement in other instances is also unacceptable, will also vote against. Unfortunately, based on the voting procedure of the UN, the draft is not excluded to be adopted by the efforts of OIC countries and GUAM. By the way, it’s time that co-chairs of OSCE Minsk Group make a statement and call on Azerbaijan to refrain from initiatives that directly impede the Karabakh settlement.
But the co-chairs themselves in a statement on July 6 also used the word “occupied”. It turns out that their rhetoric is beginning to approach the rhetoric of Baku.

Naturally, we are also concerned about such language. But at this time, the mandate of the Minsk Group is the only one where the Karabakh settlement is possible on the basis of the principles of international law, respecting the right to self-determination.
Besides this draft, Azerbaijan makes similar steps at the PACE, NATO and Council of Europe. Do you not believe that approval of these initiatives is a response from the West to the extension of the stay of the Russian bases in Armenia?

Recall, U.S. State Department said it is an internal affair of the two countries. I think this is a sober assessment. And the attempts of Azerbaijan are a political gamble, which we should be able to resist.

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