Caspian littoral states mull transportation deal in Ashgabat

Caspian littoral states mull transportation deal in Ashgabat

Ashgabat hosted a meeting of authorized representatives of the Caspian states for discussions on the draft Agreement on cooperation in the field of transportation in the Caspian Sea, the Turkmen Foreign Ministry said in a message.

New regulations and rules are designed to streamline the transportation of cargo and passengers among the Caspian littoral states, to ensure the development of infrastructure and to approve legal norms, taking into account the interests of all participants.

“The development of the draft Agreement on cooperation among the Caspian littoral states in the field of transportation, which envisages the establishment of the Caspian Regional Transport and Logistics Center, is aimed at the maximum use of potential of the Caspian Sea, which will open prospects for expanding trade and economic relations both among the Caspian littoral countries and in terms of their access to global markets,” says the message.

Territories of Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkmenistan are a natural geographical area connecting Asia with Europe and ensuring efficient functioning of transport-transit and trade corridors in the East-West and North-South directions.

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