Cargo for NATO coalition in Afghanistan may be transported via Azerbaijan

Cargo for NATO coalition in Afghanistan may be transported via Azerbaijan

By E.Tariverdiyeva 

The new foreign policy of the US, which seems to follow the direction of abstracting itself from the international agenda, focusing only on the issues relating to the country’s national interests, may harm these interests.

The refusal from strengthening the presence in many regions of the world may lead to irreversible consequences for the US where Washington could firmly hold a position appropriate to its interests.

We have repeatedly written that the US expert community is concerned about Washington's lack of attention to such a strategic region as the South Caucasus as a whole and in particular, to the reliable US ally, Azerbaijan.

Changing the foreign policy in accordance with the idea of ​​the new presidential team, the US Congress can make a serious mistake regarding the US interests in the Caucasus and in the region, not only in the South Caucasus.

The issue is that US President Donald Trump’s new strategy in relation to Pakistan, which was the main logistics center for the cargo transportation for the NATO coalition in Afghanistan, can ruin all relations between the countries.

This opportunity is becoming more real, after Trump has recently accused Islamabad of supporting terrorists.

"We can no longer be silent about Pakistan’s safe-havens for terrorist organizations, the Taliban and other groups that pose a threat to the region and beyond," Trump said.

In response to Washington’s statement, Islamabad canceled Acting Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Alice Wells’s planned visit to Pakistan, while the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said that blistering criticism by President Trump was "disappointing".

Moreover, Islamabad felt hostile towards Trump's Afghanistan Strategy, according to which the Pentagon must send an additional military contingent to Afghanistan.

Cooling of relations with Islamabad can have far-reaching and very dangerous consequences for the US.

It is obvious that if Pakistan decides to close this logistics channel as a result of worsening relations with the US, NATO may lose its important route for supplying goods for its military contingent in Afghanistan.

In this case, the military contingent in Afghanistan has a spare reliable air route directly over Azerbaijan. Baku has proved itself as a NATO’s reliable partner.

While remaining an independent country having good relations with almost all its neighbors, Azerbaijan has always played a big role in the transit of cargo for the coalition troops in Afghanistan.

Moreover, Baku has always been an active participant in international anti-terrorist operations. Azerbaijan and the US have always worked together to counteract the proliferation of nuclear weapons and drug trafficking, as well as ensure security in the Caspian region and beyond.

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