March 2019

India has a big "tooth" for China in the Indo-Pacific

By Arthur Dunn

China clearly understands the potential danger of India’s military presence at the entrances to the strategic Malacca Strait and states that, in the desire, on the one hand, to maintain their independent status in the traditions of the non-alignment movement, and on the other hand, to realize their geopolitical ambitions military rapprochement with the United States and its allies in India is increasingly difficult to maintain the delicate balance of its foreign policy.

NATO Secretary General welcomes the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev of North Macedonia

Following a meeting with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Tuesday (19 March 2019), the NATO Secretary General said that the signature of the Accession Protocol for the Republic of North Macedonia in February was a historic moment for the country and for NATO. “Your leadership helped make this happen”, he said. “By working with Athens you have shown what courage, commitment and diplomacy can achieve.”