June 2018

Government of Switzerland to support four intercommunity projects involving migrants in Moldova

The local authorities and migrants from 13 localities in Moldova will unite their efforts to implement four intercommunity projects launched today in village Dolna, Straseni district. They are to be implemented by support of Government of Switzerland, which provides grants for sustainable development of localities with involvement of left – wing citizens, within MiDL, implemented by UNDP.

Multi-Speed Europe: Illusions and Reality

By Dmitry Ofitserov-Belsky

The gradual expansion of the European Union has resulted in a multi-speed Europe essentially becoming a reality. The countries of the so-called new Europe have gained a lot of traction despite their increasing disloyalty to Brussels and to the European project as a whole. At the June 2018 EU Summit, the focus will be on Jean-Claude Juncker’s concept of European “super-state” and Emmanuel Macron’s concept of a “multi-speed Europe.”