May 2017

Development without destructive cataclysms


By Arthur Dunn

Kazakhstan began the transition from presidential to presidential-parliamentary form of government. The constitutional reform, designed to strengthen the powers of parliament and government by reducing the powers of the president, takes place in a country in a peaceful atmosphere and with the full support of the population. As an example, we can cite the example of Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, where the delegation of presidential powers to the parliament took place in a revolutionary way and with human sacrifices.

Why the French Battle for Europe Doesn’t End in May

By Alice Billon-Galland

Sixty years ago, in Rome, France stood side by side with its neighbours to establish the European Economic Community in what was one of the most significant steps forward for the European project. Sixty years later, France is playing host to what many believe to be an existential vote on the European Union, causing understandable anxiety amongst other member states.