March 2017

China is a delicate matter

By Elvin Abbasl

China is a delicate matterChina is becoming as one of the most quoted countries among the political circles due to its rise as an economic, military, and political power in the world. Recent developments regarding China`s expansionist policies in the light of new political course of the United States raise many questions. Teemu Naarajärvi, PhD candidate of East Asian studies at the University of Helsinki, shares his views on the various foreign policy aspects regarding China. 

Serbia-Croatia Relations Strained by the Past               

Relations between Serbia and Croatia have not been making progress for some time now, rather they are often in crisis, which is also helped by the sharpening rhetoric, especially during election periods, Serbian and Croatian experts agree. They don’t expect any progress in relations between the two countries of key importance to stability in the Western Balkans until both turn to the future and leave the past behind.