December 2016

Russias Path to Another Resurgence

After enduring three years of a foundering economy and feuds with the West, things may be looking up for Russia. The Brexit vote in June exposed the deep discord in the European Union, giving Moscow a glimmer of hope that dissenting member states might break the bloc's consensus on its sanctions against Russia in a future vote on their renewal.

E.Idrisov: Kazakhstan accepted balanced model of foreign policy since 90th

Despite huge problems since the beginning of the 90th, Kazakhstan has not been limited to internal affairs. Kazakhstan deals with foreign policy which purpose is ensuring the best climate for development of the country and the nation. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Erlan Idrisov told about it during the international conference in honor of the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan, correspondent reports.

Trump Administration, UNSC Membership Spell New Opportunities for Kazakhstan, Int’l Scholars Say

Internationally recognised speakers, scholars and politicians presented reports and spoke about Kazakhstan’s achievements and future during the Nov. 28 international conference, 25 Years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Outcomes. Accomplishments. Vision for the Future. The conference was part of the celebrations of country’s quarter century of independence on Dec. 16.

François Fillon’s Victory: More Clarity on the Way to the French Presidential Elections


By Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, Martin Quencez

On Sunday, November 27, François Fillon officially won the center-right primary in France, becoming the de facto leading candidate for the presidential election of April-May 2017. President Sarkozy’s former prime minister (2007-2012) won in a landslide victory, getting more than 66 percent of the votes against Alain Juppé, also former prime minister (1995-1997) and long-time favorite of the polls. This victory, which seemed impossible a month ago, already constitutes the opening of a new era in the history of France’s conservative party, as it puts an end to both Alain Juppé and Nicolas Sarkozy’s political careers. Often forgotten by the media and labelled as too traditional, François Fillon is now at the center of attention, and his program under more serious scrutiny.