July 2016

Kazakh and Foreign Experts Say Industrial Digitalisation Key for Continued Diversified Growth

The challenges and implementation of the industrial Internet were the main topics of discussion June 28 during a conference at the Nazarbayev Centre. The conference, titled “At the crossroads – the role of digitalisation in the energy sector and its importance for the economic transformation of Kazakhstan”, allowed participants to learn about current trends in the development of digital technologies in the energy sector and consider the ways and possibilities of using renewable energy sources in the country.

““Ventspils Nafta” Terminals” Ltd CEO: “Local obstacles not beneficial to Latvia's transhipment sector”

With a steep dip in Latvia’s cargo volumes this year, Lars Pantzlaff, the managing director of ““Ventspils Nafta” Terminals” Ltd (VNT), one of the largest taxpayers in Ventspils and Latvia, warns that local authorities have to rethink policies towards the sector and VNT. “It is very unfortunate that for several years we have been experiencing a ban imposed by local authorities regarding the development of the terminal. And recently Ventspils Freeport Authority has been inexcusably slow or not-forthcoming in granting us needed approvals for the construction of a Vapour Recovery Unit, a condition set by Ventspils City Council to lift the ban, which, once implemented, will ensure stable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly operations and minimise the environmental footprint in the areas of emissions,” Pantzlaff, who is also a member of VNT Management Board, told The Baltic Times.

Turkey-Russia relations: Towards normalization?


By Habibe ÖZDAL

Extremely rapid developments have taken place in the last couple of days regarding Turkish-Russian relations. Letter diplomacy, which commenced on the 12th of June with the letters send by the Turkish President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Yıldırım to their Russian counterparts, was followed by a letter sent to President Putin by  President Erdoğan on the 27th of June. This step seems to have paved the way for the process of overcoming the warplane crisis, which has dramatically affected bilateral relations over the past seven months.

The New Impetus for Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

By Mikhail Konarovsky

The meeting of the heads of states of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) member states has been gaining momentum in recent years as a regional – and indeed global – discussion platform. This is testament to the growing potential and credibility of the organization. In the rapidly changing global environment, and amidst new challenges and threats, it is imperative that the SCO develop a coordinated position on the key issues of security and international development, not only so that it can determine its own activities going forward, but also in the context of the entire Eurasian space.

Who today is responsible for the information support oligarch Ablyazov?

By Alina Kantor

The obvious lies to discredit opponents easily read by many of today's media. But in most cases this does not entail any legal consequences. And some, learning democracy in a number of Western countries, meanwhile, accused the same country in the absence of democracy. For example, the right to enter Paris and London as they need to understand human rights, in particular, their venality in the context of the fate of the fugitive oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov from Kazakhstan. So some Petrushova was seen in the media of their hyperactivity. Moreover, included in this process, violating all possible norms of journalistic ethics, blatantly distorting the facts, exposing judges whether as bribes, or simply stupid people are not capable of critical thinking.