June 2016

Within the Tory party the political and personal have become deeply enmeshed

By Rafael Behr

Passions are bound to run high when a question of national destiny is being decided, but the gravity of the issue doesn’t explain why levels of personal acrimony in the EU referendum campaign seem so high. Is it all that much more vicious than any other campaign? Last year’s general election was hardly a genteel affair. Neither was this May’s London mayoral race. Politics can be a nasty business.

China’s Incomplete Growth Strategy


China’s economic growth has been slowing for six years – far longer than expected. Eager to stem the slide, Chinese government officials and economists have desperately sought a clear explanation pointing toward an effective policy response. And, last November, they officially placed the blame on long-term supply-side shortcomings, which they pledged to address with far-reaching structural reforms.