April 2016

Arsenal initiatives and a wealth of experience

By Arthur Dunn

In today's world, where the financial crisis has reached unprecedented levels, and the threat of terrorism has increased so much that the very notion of "absolute safety", it seems, has ceased to exist, special attention is drawn to the main organization of the planet - the United Nations. Within the walls of which, hopefully, you can still find ways to resolve all problems. How quickly and efficiently - depends on those who have the power to participate in making the most important decisions.

Rivers in Crisis

Understanding rivers is essential to understanding the 21st Century's planetary crises and the opportunities for unleashing the regenerative capacities of the Living Earth. Water makes life on Earth possible, and rivers connect the webs of life, drawing together freshwater, marine and terrestrial environments. Rivers drive critical natural processes that have shaped the evolution of life on Earth, as well as human patterns of civilization. Rivers that become disconnected – from fertile floodplains, from the ocean, from biotic communities – are compromised in their ability to maintain and generate life.