April 2016

International Migration Flows: a Global Challenge Requires a Global Response


By Igor Ivanov

It might be fair to say that no other phenomenon of today’s world politics demonstrates the deficitof global governance as vividly as does the current migration crisis. The topicof the disaster not only makesthe front pageand a staple of TV news shows, but also provokes lively and often heated discussion on the Internet. The migration issue is becoming particularly dramaticfor our western neighbours, particularly the countries of the European Union. For manyobservers, the migration crisis is a most serious challenge for the ‘European project’, which puts to test the very values that the EU was built upon.

A powerful impetus to further diversify and modernize the economy


By Kim Shtern

Every year, Kazakhstan, along with the development of its statehood, are increasingly trying to act as an active participant in the international relations system. This presidency in several international organizations, OSCE Summit and the Asian Games 2011, the upcoming 2017 Winter Universiade. And in the same year Astana will host the EXPO-2017.

Happy Dutch oblivious to Ukraine’s problems


By Yuriy Kulikov

The Dutch 'No' in the referendum on the ratification of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement should not have the effect of a door slammed in front of the Ukrainians. However, it is proof of how much Ukrainians need to do to rebuild their Ukrainian home and create European conditions of life. And it proves that happier the nation, the more probable for it to be oblivious to other nations’ problems.