March 2016

The Obama Doctrine and Ukraine

In an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic, President Obama laid out key elements of his approach to foreign policy. There is much in it with which one can agree. “Don’t do stupid s——” makes sense as an axiom of foreign policy—or of any policy, for that matter—as does taking deliberate and strategic decisions about when to engage American military power.

Mogherini mission in the South Caucasus

By Arthur Dunn

F. Mogherini visit to Baku was the first after a rather tense relations between the EU and Azerbaijan. In recent time, the EU is constantly subjected Azerbaijan to sharp criticism against the policy pursued by Baku in the field of civil liberties, it is extremely inefficient measures aimed at improvement of the legislation, as well as the settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

The Air Is Getting Hotter: Russia and NATO focus on deterrence

By Igor Istomin

Since 2014, Russia and the West have been strengthening their mechanisms of mutual deterrence. The European Leadership Network’s recent report entitled “Towards a New Equilibrium: Minimising the Risks of NATO and Russia’s New Military Postures”, which was prepared by its Research Director Łukasz Kulesa with the involvement of a number of other specialists, is the latest in a series of publications devoted to tackling the issue of escalating tensions in relations between Russia and the West.