December 2015

G20: triumph of a multi-polar world or the projected increase of Western power?

By Irmantas Pečiūra

During the recent decade the majority of developing and transitional countries have reached significantly higher economic growth rates than developed countries. Since economic power of the states is also one of the main political power elements, experts of international policy started speaking about the movement of the centre of world economic gravity from the West to the East and from the North to the South.  This movement would also mean the increasing fragmentation of the international system which first of all economically and politically weakens global influence of the West on the international stage.

Thailand: the taste of nightmare

By Tom Boris

Endless beaches with white sand, sun and azure waters of the lagoon which disappear beyond the horizon. It seems like a picture from the popular advertisement with its slogan “taste of paradise”. But it is, unfortunately, just the one and the front side of Thailand. Commonly referred to as the Land of Smiles, this country has become one of the most dangerous tourist destinations on Earth.