December 2015

Russia and Europe: New Rules of the Game


By Igor Ivanov

Despite all the ambiguity and contradictions of recent events, one thing is clear: in 2015, a bottom line was drawn underneath the long period of development of relations between Russia and its western neighbours. We need to acknowledge that relations between Russia and Europe will have to be built against a background of deep and sustained mutual distrust between government leaders, the political elite and society as a whole.

Hybryd Peace Instead Of War


By Taras Demchuk

Since January 2016, Russia intends to introduce anti-Ukrainian trade and economic sanctions in connection with the entry into force of the Agreement on free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU. That is, free access to European markets for us still will not be (the same technical regulations) and finally lose the Russian market. Russia will impose sanctions against Ukraine, and the EU - not now, then in the summer - its sanctions against Russia to cancel. The question arises: who signed the Association Agreement with the EU, which country really is a partner of the EU - Ukraine or Russia yet?