November 2015

Hollande's grand anti-IS coalition with Russia compromised by downed jet

By Christina Okello

French President François Hollande was set to hold talks on Thursday with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to rally his support behind global efforts to forge a grand coalition against Islamic State jihadists in the wake of the Paris attacks. The meeting takes place against a backdrop of diplomatic tensions between Russia and Turkey over a downed Russian jet by Turkish military this week.


By Arthur Dunn

For the second year in a row spending on research and innovation in China exceed 2% of China's GDP. Such data are contained in the statistical summary, prepared jointly by the State Statistical Office, Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Finance of the China.

Europe will reduce gas consumption

By Daniel Rozanov

Oil and gas industry are waiting for hard times: after the fall in world oil prices will face a forced reduction in production and gas industry is waiting for the decline in exports to Europe. Total gas consumption in Europe will decrease, not increase as hoped in "Gazprom". Big problems can arise when building new export routes - such as the "Nord Stream-2".

Global project «New Future»

By Jakob Platts

The terrorist attacks in Paris, in the center of Europe-- new benchmark for history. The point, after which the world must radically change the rules of the global behavior. Erase all border disputes and conflicts and unite against a common, the most important threat - terrorism. 

This is a point of no return in Syrian crisis: Yerlan Karin about Russian warplane shot down by Turkey


By Renat Tashkinbayev, Assel Satubaldina

On Tuesday, Turkish forces shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter jet near the Syrian border, claiming that they had repeatedly warned the plane about airspace violation. However, Russia insists that it received no warning, did not violate Turkey's airspace and was hit by the missile while flying over Syria.

Aligning Western Values and Interests in Syria: Time to Learn from Putin


By Ian Kearns

Russia is pursuing a twin-track policy in Syria. Its airstrikes are continuing at a high tempo, and continue to hit a wide range of anti-Assad forces on the ground. At the same time recent reports suggest a Russian backed Syrian peace plan is circulating at the United Nations. The two elements of the policy are linked. Russian warplanes are being used to demonstrate that Assad will not be allowed to fall but also to strengthen his constituency’s hand in the peace talks to follow. The west should now learn from what Russia is doing and apply greater military pressure of its own while biting the bullet on negotiating with Assad.

New Romanian government gets message of support from the US

By Irina Stoica

Security, the rule of law and the fight against corruption are the main targets that the US is focusing its efforts on in Romania. And these were some of the topics of discussion today between American Ambassador in Romania Hans Klemm and the new Romanian prime-minister Dacian Ciolos (photo). Ambassador Klemm visited the prime minister at Victoria palace, the Government’s seat, just a few days after he and his team of ministers were confirmed by the vote of the Parliament.

Secretary General stresses value of NATO-Serbia partnership in visit to Belgrade


Both Serbia and NATO would benefit from closer cooperation, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Friday (20 November 2015) after talks with Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić and other senior government officials in Belgrade. Mr. Stoltenberg said his visit was part of “a fresh start” in relations between NATO and Serbia. “This is more important than ever since we face many common security challenges,” said the Secretary General. “Cooperation is a win-win. Working together keeps Serbian people safe and it keeps people in Allied nations safe too,” he said.