September 2015

Kazakhstan and Turkey make defense industry coop plan for 2016-2018

Astana has hosted the 8th meeting of the Kazakh-Turkish commission on cooperation in defense industry.Representatives of the Ministries of Defense of Kazakhstan and Turkey have discussed the development of cooperation in the field of automated control systems, joint modernization of armament, avionics, helicopters, as well as domestic production of arms and military equipment.

Opinion: Refugee quotas and missed opportunity for Eastern Europe


By Julius Zubė

The current refugee and illegal immigration crisis in European Union received multiple opinions and positions. Mismanagement can be easily seen in the current situation. One of the most noticeable parts of it is a clash of interests inside the EU itself. The reluctance of the Eastern part of EU to cooperate with the West show that the governments of the Union do not agree on the same terms and that there are different points of view on the situation. This can be seen in the recent EU agreement for the relocation of the refugees, where ministers of the member states were responsible.

Armenia’s Perspectives on the Iranian Nuclear Deal

By Erik Davtyan

On July 14, after a long period of tense and complicated negotiations, the “P5+1” group—the United States, Russia, France, China, the United Kingdom and Germany—reached a historical deal with Iran over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. The nuclear deal will have both global and regional consequences, especially for Iran’s neighboring states. In this context, the agreement is of crucial importance for Iran’s landlocked northern neighbor Armenia. For the past 20 years, Armenia has lived under a dual blockade imposed by Turkey and Azerbaijan. Thus, the country’s cooperation with Iran serves crucially as one of Armenia’s two remaining possible routes (the other being across Georgia) to access the global market. Consequently, the long-term hostility in Iran’s relations with the West and rigorous international restrictions on Iran had provoked a deep anxiety in Armenia.