August 2015

The EU-Russian Relationship with Special Reference to the Security of the Baltic States

By Vytautas Landsbergis

When putting Russia-EU issue on the table, we must define the points at the very beginning. What Russia it is going about? As realists (not illusionists like many naive Westerners - Putinsverstehers, etc) we should take into consideration the current Russia of V. Putin and the quite broadly putinized population of common Russians.

Energy Efficiency as Key to New Growth


By Ivan Nechepurenko

Russia, the leading producer and consumer of energy resources in the world, holds much potential for Savings. Ivan Nechepurenko talked to Alexander Nekrasov, the executive director of the Union for development of energy efficiency and environmental safety U4E, About how energy efficiency can help restart the growth of The Russian economy. 

The anchor of security and stability

By Arthur Dunn

Kazakhstan's bid for membership in the UN Security Council for the years 2017-2018 is as promising as it is ambitious. Widely known by many peace initiatives of Kazakhstan. And the efforts of its President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the conflict in Ukraine. European partners call this Central Asian country an anchor of security and stability in the region, as well as a reliable partner in the fight against international terrorism.