August 2015

Threats to Georgian Pipeline Security: What is Moscow’s Game?

By Zaur Shiriyev

Russia’s latest incursions from the breakaway Georgian territory of South Ossetia into adjacent territory heretofore controlled by Georgia have given rise to renewed security concerns for Georgia’s strategic East-West Highway as well as the Western Route Export Pipeline (WREP)—more commonly known as the Baku-Supsa oil pipeline (see EDM, July 20).

The Dark Side of U.N. Peacekeepers


By Stewart M. Patrick

United Nations peacekeeping efforts have long had a dark side: a history of sexual exploitation and abuse against civilians by U.N. personnel. While the U.N. has paid lip service to stopping such sexual violence, a recent internal review reveals the still-alarming scope of these crimes—and the failure of the international community to hold perpetrators to account.