July 2015

Is the EP Summit in Riga the End of the European Perspective for Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine?

By Maria Przełomiec

The EU Summit on the Eastern Partnership on21-22 May in Riga stood in the shadow of the conflict with Russia over Ukraine. Even if Russia had not been mentioned in the summit resolution and everything deleted from the document that could provoke Russia and undermine the implementation of the Minsk II agreement, the relations with Moscow were a guideline for the summit.

Can China Beat Deflation?

By Yu Yongding

At a time of slowing economic growth and massive corporate debts, a deflationary spiral would be China’s worst nightmare. And the risk is mounting. The producer price index (PPI) has been in negative territory for 39 consecutive months, since February 2012. The growth of China’s consumer price index (CPI), though still positive, has also been falling steadily, from 6.5% in July 2011 to 1.2% in May. If past experience is any indication, China’s CPI will turn negative very soon.