July 2015

“Hybrid war” – a Scholarly Term or a Propaganda Cliché?


By Pyotr Topychkanov

In June 2015 the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) published a report entitled “Russia’s Hybrid War in Ukraine: Breaking the enemy’s ability to resist”, by András Rácz, a senior research fellow at the institute [1]. As the title indicates, the subject of the paper is the phenomenon of “hybrid war”. Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the start of military actions between Ukrainian security forces and units of the non-recognised Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in 2014, this phenomenon has attracted the close attention of political, military, academic and journalistic circles in western countries and in Russia.

What can Azerbaijan gain from participation in SCO?

By Anakhanum Khidayatova

Azerbaijan as one of the new observer countries in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), will take advantage to strengthen the economic, trade and political ties with the organization that represents a significant majority of the Eurasian territories, political analyst, expert on international relations at Marquette University (US), Peter Tase told Trend July 13.


By Arthur Dunn

In 2016, due to the sanctions of the European Union and the United States, oil production in Russia will decrease. This was reported yesterday in the international rating agency Fitch. Thus, the stress in the agency, the decline in oil production in Russia in 2016 could reverse the trend of a small increase in production was observed in six years. The government forecasts the production decline is also incorporated - by 3 million tons annually. Despite the decline in production, the Russian Federation plans to increase oil exports to 1.2 million tons annually in the next three years.


By Alina Kantor

Austrian Themis embarrass. The inevitability of punishment, impartiality, objectivity and other basic foundations of a fair trial were offset by a single man - Judge Andreas Bem. Unprecedented bias shown by him in the proceedings concerning the abduction and murder in 2007 of Kazakh bankers Zholdas Timraliyev and Aybar Hosenova significantly discredited judiciary.