June 2015

How durable is the China-Russia ‘friendship?’

By William Courtney, David Sedney, Kenneth Yalowitz and Stephen Young

This week’s joint naval exercise between Russia and China in the Black and Mediterranean Seas, along with President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow last week, highlight the growing ties between Eurasia’s two great powers. Though they share key economic interests and oppose what they claim to be a U.S.-dominated world order, the two nations’ relationship over time promises to be uneven and tense.

Ban Ki-moon: Kazakhstan's initiative for World Religions Congress is a contribution to religious tolerance

Kazakhstan's initiative for the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions is a contribution to a critical global conversation about promoting religious tolerance and advancing the universal right to freedom of religion and beliefs, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in an interview to the UN News Center.

Asymmetric threats to Eastern Mediterranean cooperation

By Christianna Liountri

Multinational companies willing to invest in Eastern Mediterranean examine the whole range of risks associated with a potential plan to develop oil and gas facilities. The great strategic and economic importance of these facilities make them attractive targets. Even though a conventional war is not a likelihood, an international company assuming cost-benefit approach, will take into consideration «asymmetric threats» which a potential pipeline or offshore platforms could face.