June 2015

NATO Secretary General in visit to Montenegro stresses value of Euro-Atlantic integration


Joining the Euro-Atlantic family would be a win-win for Montenegro and the Alliance, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday (11 June 2015) during a visit to Podgorica. The Secretary General and Prime Minister Milo Đjukanović discussed progress on required reforms concerning Montenegro’s NATO membership bid. "NATO Allies decided to open a period of intensified and focused talks with Montenegro and our Foreign Ministers will assess progress in December. They will decide whether enough progress has been made to invite Montenegro to join the Alliance. So we are in a crucial phase," the Secretary General said.

Proposed Clean Power Plan rule would reduce coal production, especially in the West

EIA's analysis of the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed Clean Power Plan rule shows U.S. coal production falling after the proposed rule takes effect. In 2024 in the Base Policy case, coal production falls to a level last seen in the late 1970s. Total production recovers gradually thereafter, as coal-fired generation increases in the later years of the projection, but it never surpasses levels reached in the 1980s. Production levels at all major coal basins are affected, but production in the West falls the most.

How durable is the China-Russia ‘friendship?’

By William Courtney, David Sedney, Kenneth Yalowitz and Stephen Young

This week’s joint naval exercise between Russia and China in the Black and Mediterranean Seas, along with President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow last week, highlight the growing ties between Eurasia’s two great powers. Though they share key economic interests and oppose what they claim to be a U.S.-dominated world order, the two nations’ relationship over time promises to be uneven and tense.