June 2015

Silk Road for Russia

By Daniel Rozanov

According to some Russian experts, Moscow and Beijing have decided to proceed with the creation of a common, unified economic space. That is, the Chinese New Silk Road and the Eurasian Economic Union must be paired with each other.

Options For Gas Supply In Europe On The Southern Directions

By Daniel Rozanov

The new head of Wintershall Mario Meren believes that Russia is "the most important region of the firm", and despite the fact that the interests of the group include both the North Sea and the Libyan desert, and Argentina. According to him, to ensure energy security of Europe is only possible with Russia. Therefore, Russia will continue to play an important role in energy supply in the region. However, it can not help but attract attention of political correctness chairman of the group. Speaking about energy security, chairman of the group said that it is not the facts of geopolitical and geological. Cautious Meren citing the International Energy Agency, citing a quote from his report the materials of the agency: "The stability - is a prerequisite for reliable and affordable in price of energy." And, they say, that Russian gas to economic aspects has advantages over other sources of supply. Of particular importance is the European gas supply routes south direction. They are changing again.

The EU and Moldova: How to Liberate a Captured State

By Alina Inayeh, Sergiu Panainte

Local elections in Moldova this weekend have strengthened the position of the incumbent government, despite allegations of corruption on a massive scale. Earlier this year, around $1 billion — about 12 percent of the country’s gross domestic product — disappeared from three Moldovan banks in non-performing loans reportedly made to people connected with the country’s political elite. Ironically, the person at the center of the scandal has now been elected mayor of Orhei. Last week’s resignation of the prime minister will also ignite fresh political battles in parliament over the creation of a new majority or governing coalition. The possibility of snap elections could see anti-European parties emerge with a strong majority.

Kazakhstan Increases Role in Regional Stabilization as U. S. withdraws from Afghanistan

By Tom Michael

Throughout the United States’ 13-year war in Afghanistan, the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan has been a reliable partner, offering assistance ranging from transit routes for U.S. troops, to airspace for non-lethal U.S. supply missions and money to help educate a generation of Afghan children whose lives offer a new promise for their war-torn country.

Gazprom Frightens Europeans with Refusal from Ukrainian Transit


By Alina Terekhova

After 2019 Gazprom shall not pump gas through Ukraine under no circumstances – “even if the Moon and the Sun reverse their roles”, stated yesterday the deputy head of the Gazprom’s Board Aleksander Medvedev. But in order to refuse of the transit contract with Ukraine in reality the holding company shall have to construct new gas pipelines passing Ukraine for the following four years, as well as to reconclude long-term contracts with European partners. The severe statements of Gazprom represent one of the methods to force Europe to speed up, according to the experts.