May 2015

Capacity Building, Investment, Local Partnerships Among Opening Topics at AEF

At the initial side event panel on official development assistance (ODA) at the Astana Economic Forum, international aid experts called for a post-Millennium Development Goals ODA programme to focus on prevention, longer-term planning and capacity building, acting as a catalyst to other investment. They also advised Kazakhstan in developing its KazAID programme, Central Asia’s first official development programme.

"Gazprom" has reduced production forecast for 2015

By Daniel Rozanov

Guide "Gazprom" downgraded gas production in 2015. More recently, the company planned to produce this year more than 485 billion cubic meters. m. However, this forecast has been lowered to 450 billion cubic meters. m. This target is still higher than last year. Reducing forecast says about the problems with the sale - including in Europe and Ukraine. Increase in future gas exports company hopes with the new export pipeline to Turkey under the Black Sea.

Letter From Tallinn

By Ahto Lobjakas

Strategic Europe continues its series devoted to explaining the foreign and security policy ambitions of the 28 EU member states. We have asked our contributors from each capital to give a candid assessment of their country’s perception of security and strategy, with a ranking on a scale from 0 (the laggards) to 5 (the ambitious). This week, the spotlight is on Estonia.

Russia Strikes Back against Europe’s Energy Union


By Kristine Berzina

Europe is starting to play hardball with Russia on energy — and the Kremlin is fighting back. For years, the European Union was highly dependent on Russia’s natural gas and was unable to exert any influence on its supplier since it is the world’s largest energy importer. This spring, the European Commission launched an EU Energy Union to finally bind the 28 countries into a single energy market.

NATO Chiefs of Defence discuss the Readiness Action Plan, Ukraine and the way ahead for missions and operations

During the two-day Military Committee meeting, the 28 Allied Chiefs of Defence exchanged views on the current and future security challenges facing the Alliance, and provided clear and decisive military advice to North Atlantic Council ahead of the NATO Defence Ministers meeting next month.