April 2015

Kazakhstan as mediator limited by international status: political analysts

By Dmitry Khegai, Dinara Urazova

Kazakhstan has been taking an active stance in settlement of the situation in Ukraine and has offered to serve as mediator in the conflict. The opposition in Syria has also been planning to ask the Kazakh authorities to provide a platform for negotiations with all the sides of the crisis. These are but recent examples of Kazakhstan’s involvement in the world affairs.

Turkmenistan looks to the West

Aleksandra Jarosiewicz, Józef Lang

Due to worsening relations with Russia, its increasing dependence on China and fears of destabilisation, Turkmenistan is adjusting its foreign policy and trying to bolster its cooperation with the West in the field of energy and security. This is indicated by the resumption of its energy cooperation with the European Union, and appeals for more assistance from the United States in the security field.

Kyiv Talks about Big War


By Tatiyana Ivzhenko

Ukraine is getting ready to that soon Russia may decide on fielding their peacekeepers in Donbass. The representatives of the authorities have earlier refused from Russian peacekeeping mission and asked the UNO and the EU to consider the matter about forwarding peacekeeping forces to Donbass. Kyiv is concerned that while the West is thinking Russia may make the decision. Kyiv warns that such attempt shall be estimated by Ukraine as the fact of open aggression.

Russia-China cooperation: relationship of equal partners?


By Diana Garmašaitė

Unrest in Ukraine has become the main catalyst which gave rise to the crisis in the relations of Russia and Western world. After the United States and the EU imposed sanctions on Russia, Moscow started reorienting its entire economy toward the East and first of all toward China. With Beijing’s support Putin hopes to sustain the national economy and regime. What are the benefits of this friendship?